The Yukon Acting Chief Health Officer has decided to continue intensive physical education classes as long as the participants confirm that they have been vaccinated.

When new emergency measures were announced last week to stop the transmission of CV-19, Dr. Katherine Eliot ordered the curfew to stop.

However, in Saturday’s news release, She changed course.

“The health care officer has rescinded her advice on suspending high-intensity exercise classes,” he said. “The benefits of allowing high-intensity sports and activities at this time were considered to be greater than the benefits of blocking all major activities.”

He said high-intensity exercise classes, such as hockey, basketball and soccer, would be allowed to continue with immunization certification.

Saturday’s immunization certification system b Range of settingsIncluding restaurants, ticketing, fitness facilities and private service businesses, as well as faith-based and cultural gatherings.

Other measures that will be implemented on Saturday include capacity restrictions in all indoor and outdoor public areas as well as indoor and outdoor meetings.

Private meetings are now limited to up to 10 people from two families who are vaccinated by “all qualified people.” If no one is vaccinated, the limit is set for a family.

Organized meetings, such as conferences and weddings, are limited to 25 people who have immunizations for indoor events, and up to 50 people can gather outside the home.

Seat ticketing, as well as faith-based and cultural gatherings are restricted to the smallest – 25 people with 50 percent meeting space – Vaccination certification is required. Gymnasiums and fitness centers are subject to the same restrictions.

People in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs must show that there is a limit of six people at the table and no movement between tables.

The state said the new measures would take effect by at least December 3.