Looking for exercise after locking? Marji Williams, from Blacksland, says: “My brother Tony sent me a list of 25 exercises that do not require physical activity; These include ‘coming to a conclusion’ and ‘throwing your weight around.’ I am sure, if I try, I can easily control 10,000 wrongs with them every day. When it is locked, it is also a favorite exercise of a very small group of people.

Watching the proceedings at the ICAC, Randwick Clive Kesler remarkably recalled a scene. Idiot’s Weekly, Spike Milgan ABC Radio Version The Goon Show A.D. From the time he lived in Australia in the late 1950s / early 1960s. “One scene began with an unforgettable start with the voice of Gavel and the voice of the judge saying, ‘The Wag Wag Court is now open for bribery.’ The stolen cigarette case was finally settled. Evidence of what happened to them is the judge’s harsh smoker’s cough. Was Spike on anything then?

As C8 is a professional buzzword du Jor, David Gordon of Cranebruck “suggests that in view of the decent behavior of many of our politicians, all parliaments should be labeled ‘disobedient’, but port consultant Don Bean thinks employers can.” Have you become a ‘last-ditch subject’?

More clear and simple instructions (C8). Batman’s Bay Ted Ted Richard recalls that in the good old black-and-white / dark room photo days, Kodak was a developer and an editor who sold tin cans with a mixing instructions printed on the outside of the box. They began to open the tin.

News of the death of cricket’s great Alan Davidson When he was a sports master at Wachope Elementary School in the 1970s, Alan Davidson visited his children and “advised us to go to cricket practice nets,” recalls Michael Egan, of Clarni Heights’ team. And ‘Send a few down’. ‘Davo’ asked for three cricket stems to be prepared, and the children surrounded their nets and asked which strings the children wanted to hit. Of course, the ‘middle stump’ was everyone’s response, so he took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves, rolled up his left arm and knocked his middle stump off the ground, with a round of applause! The cheering fans then nominated ‘off’ and ‘leg’ stumps, and he started beating them just like that.