XPOF Stock

Shares Xponential Fitness After announcing the XPOF result, the pre-market is looking upwards today. The financial statements Their third quarter. XPOF shares rose 15.51% to $ 22.56, the highest since the fall in July. Shares closed at $ 18.92 in the previous trading session.

XPOF announces partnership with Fitness International LLC

A.D. November 4, 2021 Xponential Fitness Inc. XPOF has announced a partnership with Fitness International LLC. The purpose of this partnership is to open various Xponential brands studios such as Club Pilates and Pure Bar at City Sports Club and LA Fitness Centers. The agreement stipulates that Xponential Brands will increase by at least 350 franchises in five years to include more than 500 Fitness International locations.

Xponential Fitness Inc. with Fitness International LLC XPOF partnership results

Through this partnership, Xponential Fitness will expand into a new market segment. This will enable them to grow their market and gain new customers around the Fitness International 500. This year, Xponential Fitness has sold 688 franchises and opened 68 new studios.

Xponential Fitness Inc. Financial Standards 3rd Quarter

  • Revenue increased by 60 percent compared to the same quarter last year. In total, $ 40.9 million was added to $ 15.3 million.
  • North American System: Large sales increased by 93 percent over the third quarter.
  • Adjusted EBTAAF 6.8 million, which is $ 1.5 million compared to 3.rd 2020 Quarter.
  • It reported a net loss of $ 8.9 million compared to $ 1.9 million last year.
  • $ 6.8 million adjusted EBITDA In the same quarter last year, it was $ 1.5 million.


Although Xponential Fitness Inc. has seen the biggest drop in stock price history. It dropped to $ 10.15. But they are back in the pre-market at $ 19.53. The significant growth of this partnership with Fitness International has had a very positive impact on the stock. As a 5-year long-term project, Xponential Fitness Inc. The positive impact on stock will be seen during this time.