WTA has approved WFP as the first wearable fitness technology for matchmaking

WTA and Oops It benefits players and fans by bringing fitness technology to court.

WTA Tour A multi-year partnership agreement has been signed with WAP to serve as WTA’s official fitness partner. The financial terms of the agreement are not specified.

More searching Jokovic has not yet decided to play in the Australian Open.

It is a partnership that will make a big difference with WIP and WTW forces to use biometric data directly from players wearing Wip to court to highlight the performance of players on WTA TV and social media. Wop has integrated real-time player information for PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, NASCAR and CrossFit broadcasts and is now taking the technology to tennis.

Wipe is a personalized 24/7 digital fitness and health trainer that wears a wristwatch that helps people “unlock their inner potential and make meaningful lifestyle changes through sleep, recovery and stress management.”

“Our partnership with WIP represents a crucial time in women’s professional tennis,” said WTA President Mickey Lawler. “We are proud and grateful to welcome the WIP team, and we look forward to working together to improve the health and safety of our athletes.

“WAP technology serves as a new research and learning tool for WTA players. WIP will play an important role in future women’s tennis and provide innovative performance analysis for current and future generations of athletes.”

Wipe and the WTA Performance Health Team are collaborating closely on the two organizations’ overall research on physiological responses, readiness, and sports performance.

By examining the various challenges faced by WTA athletes, such as international travel, and the impact of repetitive and high-intensity training on menstruation, many new discoveries will greatly enhance our understanding of women’s health.


Many WTA players, including 2017 US Open champion Sloe Stephen, are already using WAP as a tool for information-based competition, training and lifestyle decisions, which will improve performance in court and outdoors.

“During the 2021 season, I wore a wig, and it gave me more knowledge about what was going on in my career than ever before,” says Stephen. “WWP’s partnership with Wap is more than just tennis and has the potential to change the way players approach personal health.

“We’ve never had a technology like WHOOP during matches – it’s definitely a game changer.”

Photo Credit Cash Oops