The Wix Fit feature set includes tools that help fitness professionals manage and grow their business and connect with customers. These tools include managing lessons and calendars from one dashboard, receiving online subscriptions, and receiving payments. Wicks payments And other suppliers. To help customers work from anywhere, Wix Fit also offers online fitness tests, live streaming and video for virtual sessions on demand, all in a package or as a membership.

Experts can drive new revenue streams through e-commerce and dropshipping options and grow their business further. Exit by WixA complete marketing package, including automated emails, ad video maker, advanced SEO plans, social media creation and management, and more. Wix Fit also provides detailed reports on how to grow local communities, share content on blogs, manage customer relationships, and help fitness professionals improve their work through the use of VX teams and WX platforms. Fitness business.

Today, Wix employs more than a hundred thousand physicians worldwide. Wix Fit was originally there. kick off A.D. In 2019, the company continues to expand the platform to accelerate the industry’s rapid transition to a mixed fitness model. New integrations include extended virtual, marketing and payment capabilities. As of early 2020, 44% of Wix Fit businesses created are hybrid or completely virtual.

Wix Fit users can automatically access Wix Native mobile apps. Mobile is the key driver for customer engagement in the fitness segment – Wicks data shows 74% of customer traffic to Wix Fit businesses It comes from mobile web browsing. Wix Fit users can deliver custom experiences to their customers using native mobile apps. Using Fits Whiskey App, customers can hold classes, access virtual content, monitor their performance and chat with coaches and other studio members. For more customized experience for their members, fitness professionals can build their own native mobile app using the app developer. Branding app by Whiskey, Which gives professionals the ultimate freedom of ownership and creativity in their application experience.

“Exercise today is dynamic and constantly evolving, and we are proud to offer a complete solution for fitness professionals to manage their businesses and grow their brand,” said Sarig Reacher, head of WikiFet and Bookings. “In today’s landscape, fitness professionals need to be able to be exposed at all times, and the industry is moving closer to more complex approaches to work. And it gives them the opportunity to build bricks and mortar and ultimately secure their business.

All activities on the website and the application are fully integrated and reflected on the Wix users dashboard. Fitness professionals can manage their business while on the go using the Wix Owner app and the Wix Owner app.

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