The Kolkata Department of Transportation does not renew the Bengal Transportation Certificate. Fitness (CF) Certificate without any objection from the police for any public vehicle, bus and taxi.
Kolkata police have urged the state to make police NoC On Saturday morning, a private bus was forced to hand over CFs to a 25-year-old cyclist in Baga Jatin Rob. The Department of Transportation agrees. The killer bus on the Garia-Bagazazar road was charged with about 500 traffic violations, and a fifth is on trial.
“We recommend that all public vehicles receive a certificate of protest from Lalazar regarding their pending cases before receiving CF and contamination. Certificates From RTOs. This will stop any vehicle with a lot of pending issues from hitting the roads. According to our data, the amount is close to Rs 16 million and cases from 2016-17 are pending with transport owners, ”said a senior traffic police officer.
“We accepted the offer and agreed. The NOC CF from the police is mandatory before the release or during the annual renewal. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
The death of Subhajit Sur Engineering, who has been waiting for 492 traffic records for the past five years, on Saturday, raised questions about how the bus went off the road. Many of these 347 cases are pending in the lower courts. Survivor Survivor and Red Volunteer Sur played a key role earlier this year in providing relief to Kovid patients in Garia and the surrounding area.
On Sunday, more serious charges were filed against a bus involved in Saturday’s death in Sur (WB07J2826). A social media group claimed that the bus was originally traveling on Route 203 and that the bus was painted blue and yellow during the RTO mandatory fitness test – mandatory for the test – and took photographs of the switch. Road on the Bypass. The traffic police call the owner of the bus.
Police He also called for joint inspections by police and transport officials to ensure that buses operate at will.