More than a year after its launch in Europe, Whites finally brought the ScanWatch hybrid smartwatch to the United States. It has ECG and SpO2 sensor.

Of Insights ScanWatch is mixed. Smart watch It includes health monitoring features that look like regular watches but many smart watches can’t boast. After launching overseas a year ago, the smartwatch is now available for purchase for the first time in the United States.

Ings Scan Wat announced last year at CES 2020 and promised to launch it in the United States later that year. Unfortunately, the hybrid smartwatch is arriving a year later, possibly due to delays in obtaining the required certification. Its ECG characteristics. Compared to standard smart watches, there are not many hybrids, so one can say that it is later than ever.

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While most smart watches focus on tracking your fitness statistics, Whitting ScansWatch takes the lead in health monitoring. According to the manufacturer, Hybrid Smart Watch “First Wings to be cleared by FDA ” For oximeter and ECG properties. Users can see their ECG in just 30 seconds and the clock can detect signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib). Recorded information can be shared with a physician via the Health Mate app. The SPO2 PPG sensor monitors blood oxygen levels and is part of a feature called Inings Respiratory Wellness Scan. Monitoring heart rate, Frequency of breathing and activity during sleep. The data recorded from these parameters are calculated for a more detailed sleep quality assessment. According to ECG data, blood oxygen levels can be shared with a doctor.

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Wiings ScanWatch has a well-known feature that can hide most of its features. Available in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm – and available in two colors, white / silver and black / silver. Wings is offering additional straps in a variety of colors and materials. There is a small PMOLED screen. Displays the SpO2 parameter, Heart rate, distance, floors, calories and phone notifications. Owners can rotate these details using the clock on the clock. It also has a subwoofer that shows the wearer’s progress toward their daily goals. The watch can track a handful of sports and automatically identify running, swimming and cycling. It does not have a built-in GPS but uses traffic for your phone. Works with Strava. Because this is a hybrid smart watch, the battery life is significantly higher in 30 days compared to the full smartwatch.

Insights It costs $ 279.95 for a 38mm model and $ 299.95 for a 42mm model. The former is sold as a Apple Watch SE which does not have an ECG or SpO2 sensor. It is also cheaper than $ 100 Apple Watch Series 7 It starts at $ 399. Wiings ScanWatch is compatible with both. Android And iOS.

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