Planet Fitness (NYSE ፡ PLLT) The discount gym chain may still be in a difficult position as it is still struggling with the code-19-inspired rules, but the company still has competitive advantages in the industry, and has survived the crisis more than small and independent gym operators.

In this section Motley Fool Live Registered October 7th, Fool contributor Jon Quast explains why Planet Fitness is a good bet to win the market over the next five years.

John Quest mourn Why can he conquer the market in the next five years? Searching for 4,000 places in the US. Now with almost 2,200, this long-term area is about to double. Many of these agreements were made with the French. Frances is a very lucrative business and they are anxious to develop it. As you can see, none of the franchises are financially well off. None of them lost their lives due to the CVD-19 epidemic. Today there are only 15 million members. Forty percent of new members are first-time visitors to the gym. I think you can significantly increase that membership base over time. They are tapping into a global expansion and are actively positioning themselves. Fitness trends. I know people think Peloton And their place in this. Can people see my web browser here?

I would say this company has their own app in partnership with iFit. You have also partnered with iFit. iFit is a Peloton competitor. You are collecting $ 50 a month to Planet Fitness Gymnets, access to the app and your own iFit connected hardware package. He is waiting for the gym to come in front of that gym. I like that from Planet Fitness.

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