WHOOP, the Human Performance Company and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) on Wednesday announced the multi-year partnership as WTA’s official fitness partner. WTA has also approved WHOOP ™ wearable technology for related services, making it the first technology to receive this designation.

“We know that many WTA players are WHOOP members and fans. Our new partnership will allow every WTA athlete to wear WHOOP for the first time. It also allows us to provide an in-home audience with a physiological understanding of these world-class athletes. “We are proud to be part of such an international and renowned athletics organization,” said Will Ahmed, founder and CEO of the World Health Organization.

WHOOP brings biometric information to WTA broadcasts and social media content to highlight players’ performance during the visit. WHOOP has successfully integrated real-time player information for organizations such as PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, NASCAR and CrossFit on WHOOP Live and is now helping WTA fans to experience the sport more than ever.

“Our partnership with WHOOP represents an important milestone in women’s professional tennis,” said WTA President Mickey Lawler. “We are proud and grateful to receive the WHOOP team and look forward to working together to improve the health and safety of our athletes. World Health Organization technology serves as a new research and learning tool for WTA players. Many players have adopted the WHOOP wearable technology as a physical output. WHOOP plays an important role in the future of women’s tennis and provides many new performance analytics for current and future generations of athletes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the WTA Sports Science and Medicine Team work closely together on research on physiological responses, readiness, and sports performance. By examining the various challenges faced by WTA athletes, such as international travel, and the impact of repetitive and high-intensity training on menstruation, many new discoveries will greatly enhance our understanding of women’s health. Many WTA players are members of WHOOP, and this partnership allows all tennis players to make informed decisions, training and lifestyle decisions that improve their performance on and off the court.

I wore the WHOOP for the 2021 season and it gave me more knowledge about what was going on in my body, ”said Sloven Estefanos, a professional tennis player. “WTA’s partnership with WHOOP is more than just tennis and has the potential to change the way players go for personal health. We have never had a technology like WHOOP during matches – it is definitely a game changer.

As a result of this new partnership, players on the WTA Tour will be able to access the new WHOOP 4.0 as per their inventory. WHOOP is a personalized 24/7 digital fitness and health trainer that helps people unlock their potential and make meaningful lifestyle changes through practical feedback on sleep, recovery and stress.

To learn more about the WTA and WHOOP partnership, follow the WTA visit at WTATennis.com and visit WHOOP.com to sign up for a free $ 18 monthly fee for WHOOP membership, which includes WHOOP 4.0.