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Over the past few decades, “practical” exercise has been seen as everything from coordination to trend to humor. Training techniques that call themselves “practical” also vary to work with push-ups and lungs with kettlebells and barbells. So what is functional competence Really?

Practical competence is more than words.

If you ask a fitness trainer, they will probably tell you that exercise can help you in your daily life. To make sure you have the strength to carry all the goods in one go, you have to take the farmer’s walk with heavy drums. He may be doing hundreds of squats for you to bend over to pick up your children. Probably Balancing on Bosu As a result, the chances of slipping and falling on the ice sidewalk are reduced.

Historian Connor Hefernan It monitors the roots of performance competence Exercise prescribed for general health, not for strength or sport. Sometimes they use unusual tools, such as turtles and heavy balls, or today’s ropes or suspension trainers.

Contrary to what many today consider to be “normal” fitness, coaches do not. For some, regular training means a lot of single-joint exercises, such as a biceps curve, so they do integrated exercises that involve the whole body. For others, regular training means that you are using a lot of weight, so practical training is considered a lightweight or weight-bearing exercise. And for others, regular training means doing sets and resting between them, but practical training keeps you active all the time.

In other words, “practical” can mean any type of exercise that your coach prefers.

Sometimes it is a code word.

Just as exercise insanity is declining, gymnastics and coaches seem to be on the rise. But at this point, I think something special is happening.

CrossFit is a combination of barbell training, gymnastics and calibration exercises and cardio. Exercises can include skill training, strength training, and the most popular “WODs” (day exercises), which require a heart for it to work.

But the name CrossFit is a trademark, and it is affiliated with a specific company, and that company owns it. Some unpleasant things in the story. What to do if you like exercise but don’t want to do it CrossFit CrossFit? You say something else.

No exercise. no I do not-functional

The idea of ​​training to be better in everyday life is not bad. We all want it Strength And Mobility Living as a human without ever complaining about our strengths and backs will double as we age.

But do you need a special exercise to do this? not really. Simple, old, boring barbell squirrels may not be “practical” in the eyes of some people, but they still build a lot of leg strength to help you carry your kids. Anything that improves some aspects of your fitness will be useful to you in your daily life.

If you want to learn from the world of practicality, be unlimited Any Fitness stereotype. Balanced training can be fun and rewarding; He can. Grip training, And core training, and interval cardio training, and all sorts of things you can’t normally do in the gym. Learning new skills is an exercise for your mind and body, and it is important — even if you never get “practical” use for something like a wristwatch.