A few brands stood out to benefit from a planet filled with more space than Peloton. However, the question of whether that explosion could continue in the business was partially answered last week after the company. Reported As a result of the delay, shares fell 35% and lost more than $ 9 billion in market value.

According to the quarterly income report, revenue grew by only 6 percent – much less More than expected– And sales of fixed bicycles and treadmills have dropped by 17 percent. “Obviously we have underestimated the impact of the reopening on our company,” Jill Woodworth, chief financial officer, told analysts.

Wall Street responded by continuing its stock this morning, down 11% as of Monday afternoon.

In the reopened world, many people look forward to returning to the gym. Planet Fitness when Peloton releases its awful income report He was busy advertising. Jim’s membership level has returned to its pre-epidemic level (nearly 16 million), which has increased its share of 25 percent for the year.

These were signs of market correction Expired.. In August, Peloton reduced the price of the cheapest bike by 20% to $ 1,495. According to the new revenue report, the company’s budget bicycle sales “did not meet our expectations.” Peloton executives did not give a clue as to what kind of pillars could be on the horizon, but it is worth considering some evolution in the pipeline. Here are some options.

Expand the Peloton Fitness Universe

The company is reportedly preparing to release a paddle and strength training equipment to complement the bikes and tram. At the time of the outbreak, other home-made exercise products, such as Peloton (not yet, anyway) were not experiencing the same decline. Tonal, a weight-bearing machine mounted on Lebron James, still has some time. Hydro, the maker of the $ 2,295 paddle. Peloton CEO John Foley He interviewed Earlier this year, he joked that new hardware was being developed to compete with these new home gym products. Peloton’s admission to neighboring fitness classes may not only cater to users, but may cost them more than $ 39 a month for indefinite class registration.

Touch on the trend of (still strong) fitness-wearers.

They were for months. Reports A new accessory for the Peloton Heartbeat Band, recently tested with members. Analysts You guessed it The wearable category will grow by about 20% this year.

Take it outdoors

Peloton runs a handful of studios where people train in person with teachers. Both analysts and Dehrad fans see this as a promising place to expand, especially now that Peloton has a growing yoga arm. The most ridiculous, the first epidemic, was Iconox. It is reported that they had a discussion again Under the SPAC agreement, it (and sub-SoulCycle) is valued at $ 7.5 billion. She has the new CEO of Solicycle, Evelyn Webster He announced several changes A.D. After they were handed over in 2021, and perhaps the biggest, the plan was to turn the cult into a home-made product loyalty. This spring, he introduced a stationary bicycle to compete directly with Peloton.