Walk the talk Mantra. LoungeFitness writers. Our authors make sure that no matter how much you pack for the week, you will not be overwhelmed by the amount of exercise you do. The fitness section is full of clever and useful articles written from the first experience. We do not believe we have received wisdom, and we always write about them, trying new things.

Working is a very personal experience, and as you can see, each of our writers chooses the exercises that work best for them. As a result, you will find a variety of exercises here, from strength to mobility to exercise. Why not try some of them yourself?

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Kettlebells are a great alternative to strength training and HIIT.

Sohini Sen She was a runner for many years when she first tried CrossFit. She is now a fan of her high-intensity workouts and CrossFit. “I like very long, light sprints to relax. Speed ​​is not my strength. Obviously. In CrossFit, I like long workouts (WOD) with a lot of exercise. Exercise: At Christmas, one has to do 12 movements up to 12 days. The first round is only one representative of the first exercise; Frequency and third exercise have three repetitions, etc. and 12th exercise until 12 repetitions and so on.

Sohini Exercise

1Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

2 pressures

Press 3

4 Cleanses energy.

5 Power grab

6 Kettle-bell swings

7 dragging

8 knees to elbows

9 box jumps

10 double-unders

11 Burpees

12 Upper leg lungs

Tip Use light weight and do not try to run in the gym.

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The posterior cruciate ligament is an excellent exercise to train your muscles.

The posterior cruciate ligament is an excellent exercise to train your muscles.

Pretty Zacharias died- Zacharias works with the coach who sends her monthly training sessions and strives to be loyal to them. She has a back problem that does not allow her to do any strenuous exercise, such as jumping, strenuous exercise or CrossFit. But she loves weights and follows the basic principles of pushing and pulling in her workouts. She belongs to a group that hates walking days. “I love lifting and playing weights, especially in the upper body. If I choose my favorite activity, it will be a bench press. ”

Pretype exercise

4 supersets, rest between supersets for 90 seconds

15 Glute Bridges

12 gobl squares

12 Dumbbell bench press

12 Rows supported by the chest

12 wide hold latches

15 Reverse Crank

Tip Use moderate to moderate heavy loads and switch from one exercise to another quickly.

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Pushup is an excellent universal exercise.

Pushup is an excellent universal exercise.

Bbeck Battacharia dies- In the Himalayas, he is a lover of hiking and hiking, who clings to exercise only when he is injured, beaten, and tired. After three days of training, Bhattacharya takes a week-long break to recover, followed by a week-long training session on strength and mobility in different muscle groups. However, there is a popular full-body HIIT workout that you try to do once a week.

BBQ Exercise; 3 rounds Full body HIIT exercise, weight shift (uses Bhattacharya dumbbells) and body weight. 45 seconds for each exercise, with 15 seconds rest.


Pressing over the shoulder

Pulmonary jumps

Dumbbell Deadlifts


Dumbbell squats

Pressure vortices

Server Curves

Run on the spot

Press the dumbbell squat

Tip Before you go through the whole set, make sure you practice each activity until you get the perfect form.

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Always include squats in your workout.

Always include squats in your workout.

Pulasta Dar Catch In addition to writing about fitness, Dar also talks about football and passion. Dar is a day-to-day football analyst who takes physical activity seriously and keeps him playing sports to the best of his ability. “I like to play all kinds of sports. If I have to name my favorite sport or sport, it has to be football and squash. He asked me to play every day and I was there. I do exercise. ”Unlike Zacharias, Dar does not like to lose weight even though he has lifted heavy weights in the past. Nowadays, body weight prefers physical activity, especially calcifications.

Pilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading. 3 sets of each (the first set is for the Supreme Republic. The second set is half of the representatives you administer. The third half is for the second set); Rest between settings for 60-90 seconds

Push Up

Tripepe Dips

Extensive container pots


Hand-held push-up


Single-legged Romanian dead elevator


Tip Shake your legs in the middle of the set and use the rest to lower your heart rate.

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Pool apps are some of the best strength training exercises.

Pool apps are some of the best strength training exercises.

Shrinik Avlani: I started working in 2006 to be able to withstand the bullets and stick with it so I could run faster and longer. While stumbling across a variety of daily activities, I stumbled upon the April 2012 CrossFit. This was my last full-time job. Because I enjoy leisure time, I can do long workouts, spend hours learning new skills such as hand-held push-ups or muscle-ups, and then I can rest and sleep for many hours to recover from the workouts. I still like to run but I like to limit my distance to 10 km or less. It remains the best way to explore a new place, next to cycling. I like to play soccer and try to get at least one game a week whenever I can. I will continue to practice CrossFit, even at home. I am currently testing my hands on calistinics and I understand that my tights are not exactly tight.

Shrinic Exercise; 20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

5 Drag

10 push

15 squares

Tip Start slowly, maintain a steady pace for the entire 20 minutes.

Shrenik Avlani is the author, editor and co-author. Shivfit Road, A book on practical fitness.