Denver, November 2, 2021 (PRNewswire-PRWeb) – Health and safety are the most important things when it comes to holidays, and who doesn’t want to be addicted to a little Unicorn dust or secret? As the goods work hard, with pleasant names, Frequency Laboratories It sets the new standard for white athletes.

“I use Friction Labs Secret Stuff liquid lime to dry my hands and give me a strong hand when I go out and lift weights,” said the NFL left-back. Wes SchweitzerFrom the Washington football team. “A lot of my climbing and lifting exercises are the same, which benefits me from playing on the field with increased awareness, core strength, grip strength, overall strength and athletics.

Extremely detailed for your workout, Fresh Labs Athletic Lime is a gift for any athlete who specializes in archery, cross-country skiing, disc golf, golf, gymnastics, racket sports, scuba diving, weightlifting and more. Their limestone products, originally designed to meet the needs of rock climbers, are now in use and are trusted by the best athletes who need reliable and long-lasting athletes, which is a great gift with many options this holiday season. $ 20.

“All of our products are amazing for athletes on your holiday list, from lime to liquid lime,” he said. Kahn Kalantari“The basis of Frech Labs is to create an athletic lime that will enable every athlete to reach their full potential by providing a safe, healthy, strong and dry container in a variety of sports. Your Athlete.”

From the fan’s favorite Unicorn dust to the new Mysterious Hygiene Lime, Fresh Labs products are all made in the US, free of unnecessary fillers and additives and have no drying agents. High purity magnesium carbonate provides long-lasting moisture absorption and is great for all skin types.

A.D. “By 2020, when the epidemic strikes, we need to provide safe products for athletes,” he said. Kevin Brown, Co-founder and co-founder of Frequency Labs

The purity of freshly ground lime is so high that it is even used for brewing. In 2021, the company showed its partnership Denver The original and the original Breubb, Wincope Brewing Company, added Unicorn Dust to the brew to enhance the taste of their handmade beer. Water in Colorado They lack the necessary nutrients and minerals to meet the taste of the beer, which means that the main brews must be added during the brewing process. The brewery is adding Fresh Labs Noll to the specially designed IPA to ensure the taste of the three batches is soft.

Freestyle Labs products include:

Liquid choke

  • One bottle lasts up to 100 uses and is safe and promotes healthy skin because it is safe for children and adults with non-toxic silica-free and color-free lime.
  • Choose from three varieties that will dry in 20-90 seconds.

Loose lime

  • For every choice, a low-performance lime means overcoming problems with sweat, rain, moisture, oil and sunscreen.
  • Choose from three types, ultrafine Unicorn Dust, chunky Gorilla Grip, or Super chunky Bam Bam.

All products are available at Frequency Laboratories, Amazon Or Gyms and retail venues Throughout America.

About Frequency Laboratories

A.D. Founded in 2013, Freestyle Labs produces the cleanest and safest athletic lime on the market. Made in the US responsibly, it is now trusted by the best athletes who need reliable and long-lasting treatment. Their high purity magnesium carbonate provides unparalleled moisture absorption in one application and is good for all skin types. Visit to learn more about Frequency Labs and see how athletes around the world use lime Online And follow. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram.

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