India’s hopes of winning the T20 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates have been dashed. . Former Indian cricketer VVS Laxman has made two changes to the 2022 Indian squad for the 2022 World Cup in Dubai on Monday. T20 World Cup in Australia.

According to Laxman, the situation in Australia is not conducive to swing bowlers, so India should have two fast bowls that take the bowling out of the bowling alley and provide flexibility.

“Yes, I think the situation in Australia will be completely different because I am not sure if the ball will sway so much. I think it is important to identify the two players who are spinning fast.

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Jasper Bumrah’s first choice is fast, and Buveneshwar Kumar could lose his place in the team. The likes of Mohammed Siraj and Navdip Sani can join the race with Mohammed Shami and Shardul Takur.

Laxman also said that Hardic Pandia Exercise needs to find bats that will give the captain the freedom to run smoothly.

“Another important aspect is to identify potential bowling bats because we have seen that if you have a sixth or seventh bowling option, the captain will definitely not be under pressure. We know that hard pandia was struggling with fitness. It will be important.

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Veteran cricketer has backed young Ishan Kishan as a future option, although he admits it will be difficult to break the current KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma opening pair.

“I think he is a very good player. Ishan Kishan is a man who uses the limits of power play, a cricket brand. We know what he said and what kind of game he won. Yes, they can.