The space force could have had a mixed reaction when it was first announced as part of the latest U.S. military – as long as it was a provocation. The latest Netflix sitcom-But when it comes to fitness level for new recruits, it’s not a joke. New video on Navy Veteran and Influencer Austin Alexander Lt. James White supervises YouTube channel, US Navy Corporation Staff Sergeant Ariana Novowa

The test will take place at 6,000 feet[6,000 m]in Lake Auroch, Colorado. But while Novowa believes she has never trained at a high altitude, she is confident in her chances of growing up. The test consists of four rounds with a 3-minute break.

  • 60 seconds Pushps
  • 60 sec seats
  • 20 meter high aerobic wheel
  • 1.5-mile run

    Novowa produces 44 repetitions per minute in the push-up round, which is equal to 9.4 points. She manages 62 repetitions in the event, which results in a perfect 10 points and 7 full replays over the 55 required to hit the maximum. “Curse, this is more than one second per second,” Alexander says. “This must be the same record.”

    Novowa shows no signs of fatigue on its way to the wheel, checking speed and accuracy at several distances and speeds. Novowa scored 20 points here, and will continue to do so, but Eskinder called him to the fourth and final test, a 1.5-mile race, in a stunning 9 ፡ 16, which equals 60 points. . This time, however, she was completely exhausted.

    “The height is not a joke,” Novowa said. “I feel like crazy.”

    Lieutenant White was the top scorer with 99.4 points out of 100. “I think she’s wonderful.” “Her efforts to protect her own fitness and health are something we all need to work on.”

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