Atlanta, November 23, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Vivo, an Atlanta– Based on a digital fitness platform, A has announced its completion $ 1.1m Series seed funding. This round includes renowned healthcare and longevity industry leaders and venture capitalists.

“This investment in age-old technology and longevity professionals is Vivon’s mission-changing lifestyle that is designed specifically to empower the elderly by providing health and fitness options,” he said. Eric Levitan, Founder of Vivo. “We are happy to complete our first phase of our generation, enabling our productive products to provide a richer health community to more active partners.”

Healthcare investors who are interested in a series of these grants are highlighting the viability and scientific approach to Vivo and focusing on improving health outcomes. A verified review will be conducted on each member to gather baseline information on strength and balance and be reviewed every two months to monitor the process. After two months, Vivo members averaged 27% lower body weight, 22% higher body strength, and 25% increased endurance. These improvements have a significant impact on falls and disease prevention and are key to maintaining independence with age.

“Vivo methods are as scientifically based as those of higher university researchers Duke And Emori, and the monthly customer retention rate is a staggering 98 percent, ”said the leading investor. Mike Baker, Jim Denny And Ken Manning. “We look forward to a brighter future for Vivo and thank you for the opportunity to support a company that works in the area of ​​health and wellness.”

This round of funding will enable Vivo to grow their team and develop specialized resources for their scientific research to prevent aging-related diseases. Muscle size in particular plays an important role in diseases such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes, and Vivo wants to build programs for these conditions.

About Vivo

In his determination to help his elderly parents, Atlanta– Founded Entrepreneur Eric Levitan Created Vivo. Vivo is an online, live and interactive small group strength training program designed specifically for adults 55 and older. Remote to work in your own home, the program focuses on building resilience by integrating flexibility, balance and awareness, promoting individual focus and personal feedback, as well as social engagement and community. Please visit to learn more about Vivo

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