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Dear Fellow Teachers, I am a teacher and I have created a set of educational film guides for teachers to access reliable and high quality inputs. I use my 10 years of experience in the classroom to use thought-provoking and thought-provoking questions. I hope you find these film guides excellent complementary inputs. Don’t show another movie for your class without one you will see what a difference it makes 🙂

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November 15, 2021

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After the Pixar Popcorn Short Video Guide (2021) for Fitness and Practice, students will try to analyze this 2-minute pixel animation. Compare how the dolls work with the second time when they try to exercise. Analyze and explain how Buzz might feel when he turned off the music. Discuss and learn a simple lesson about being a supportive friend.

These Pixar Popcorn episodes are only a few minutes each. These activities are fun for a quick 15-30 minute, but good educational activity.

This tool contains 5 advanced, short answer and written questions that are more useful than asking your students to update information.

This product .zip file includes the following

  • Student Movie Guide, PDF Print Version (1 page)
  • The answer key is included in this film guide, but many answers vary as students are encouraged to build their own meaning from character speech and behavior. See preview for samples.
  • Movie Guide Google Slides Version
  • CCSS Alignment, Complete Steps, PDF (1 page – preview image)
  • CCSS Note I have taken the liberty of adapting certain reading steps to the content of the film instead. Although students are not reading, they are asked to perform similar cognitive tasks on the content of the film.

Distance learning tips
Distribute the digital PDF file or version of google forms to each student
Use the screen sharing tool with group calling software to play the movie
Pause the film on each question to give students time to write / discuss
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Is this movie guide worth it? Download my two movie guides below for free

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