Chaplain Assistant and World Obstacle Course Racing Champion

In the middle, Pa. Joshua pushed him in March.

With eight miles[8 km]to go and seven miles to go, he could not see anything but his feet or hands. Call this Priest Assistant for another faith practice in the 1939 Special Operations Wing.

There was plenty of dirt and sweat on the body of 387 famous athletes competing in the hurdling course race at the Stratton Mountain Vermont World Championships on September 25.

“There are only two places behind you,” said one happy volunteer.

It may seem like something to the average viewer. But after trekking for miles on the rugged mountains of Vermont, in the face of dangerous obstacles known as the Skull Valley and the Snake Pit, these words were an immediate inspiration.

March knew he had mastered his skills, but if he could push a little harder, run a little faster, climb a little higher, he would probably go up.

Rope-to-rope swinging, catch-catching and winning races, March cleverly released them – once, and then twice. He was in the lead, but the struggle had not yet begun. He had only one more 8-foot wall in front of him until he decided to put the last drop of sweat all the way through.

Exhausted by the penalty for the past two hours, March bent down and raised his hand and shouted at the top of his lungs.

That was the victory. That is why we are trained. In the 15-kilometer, 4,500-foot, 50 different hurdles, and 01 ፡ 59 59, 44 hours later, March was the third team in his age group and overall.

“I never expected this to happen,” said March, a former rival of the American Ninja Warrior. “During training, you thought you were going to win, and in the end it was your goal, but there was no clear expectation that this would happen. I could have guessed, but I was not sure. ”

But his victory came as a surprise to his colleagues at Chaplinsi Corp, who, after his first six years in the technical service, received a real call.

“March will train us like a warrior,” said Lt. Col. John Batman, the 193rd SOW Archbishop. “The values ​​he holds dear in his promise to fitness, family, and God will be transferred to his military service. Our wing is better for His presence and service.

Working with Chaplin Corp., March’s main mission is to take care of Ayman’s spiritual and mental well-being, provide spiritual guidance and counsel.

March, with a bachelor’s degree in physical science from the University of Pittsburgh, said he was motivated by a passion for physical activity, but did not find it good in sports for the rest of his life.

“I realized that I had a love for biomechanics in college, and I was amazed at how my body responds to the various things we do,” says March. “This eventually led me to want to know what my body could do to get regular exercise. The obstacle course between military and personal fitness also seemed like a way to see how far we could go and what we could do for ourselves.

Outside of military service, March, a father of two, has a gym and works as a personal trainer. Just as he is happy to help Ermen with his spiritual and personal needs, he has a strong desire to help people learn about their bodies, achieve goals they never expected, and ultimately believe in themselves.

“It’s good to do something worthwhile,” says March. “If I go from here, I have to do my best – not just to say I did it, but to make it worth the time, the pain, the pain and the training.

After coming to the world stage, March said he planned to continue to do what he wanted to do, not only for his personal health and goals, but also for the sake of others in his life and in his life.

March: “I really want to lead by example and inspire others to see what is possible. “I want to show people what hard work, diligence and consistency can do. Obstacle course racing is another opportunity I have to work with people, help people and enjoy getting to know people, and I enjoy that in my military and civilian life.

Equipped with abundant faith, fitness and strength, he set out again in March to find new mountains to climb and what obstacles to overcome.

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