Victoria’s Secret Accused of ‘Sweat’ Getty Images

Health and Fitness Company is suing Victoria Utah Federal Store Brand Management LLC for copying the trademark.

IFIT Inc. Victoria’s Secret is using fitness clothing and related services or related “sweat labels”, according to a November 10 U.S. District Court hearing in the U.S. District Court of the Utah Central Division.

Victoria’s Secret has introduced branding products in the United States and is displaying its products on its website, social media accounts and other marketing channels, IFTT said.

Victoria’s Secret did not respond to a request for comment.

IFIT says it has used the SWEAT trademark “at least since 2017” in a variety of fitness products and services, clothing and fitness applications.

In addition to copying the trademark, the plaintiff alleged that Victoria’s Secret was “intentionally” selecting the same form for the ads by SWEAT app founder Keila Isis.

Victoria’s Secret “Complaints of Mrs. Ethanas” may further confuse Defendant’s use of Defendant’s Labs, and may indicate Defendant’s interest in trading in the Defendant’s brand of information and trust. “

IFIT is asking the court to stop using Victoria’s Secret trademark. The company wants Victoria Secrets to deliver all of its trademarks to IFIT.

In addition, iFIT stated that it would like Victoria to pay compensation no less than three times as much as its profit “due to” improper, malicious, intentional, intentional, and / or fraudulent conduct. “

IFIT is represented by Foley and Lardner LLP. Plaintiff’s counsel did not respond to a request for comment.

Case Ifit v. Victoria’s Secret Stores Brand Management, Duta, No. 1 21 Complete21-CV-00147, 11/10/21.

By Maria Curry

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