iFitThe Health and Fitness Organization has filed a lawsuit Victoria’s Secret Stores Brand Management Management LLC November 10 in Utah Federal Court. iFit accuses Victoria Secret of copying trademark

In a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, IFIT Inc. claims that Victoria’s Secret uses iFIT’s “sweat signals” in connection with fitness clothing and related services. He mentioned in the accusation. The lawsuit alleges that Victoria’s secret was posted on Facebook on July 27, 2021.

IFIT Lab, the owner of Kayla Itsines workout app, sues Victoria’s Secret

iFIT claims to have used the trademark Victoria Fingerprint Brand Victoria Secrets while promoting its products on its website. At the time of writing, there has been no official response from Victoria’s Secret.

IFT also explained that for the past 4 years the company has been using the SWEAT trademark on a variety of products and services, including clothing and fitness applications.

The plaintiff alleges that the company “intentionally” copied the trademark and prototype SWEAT application in its advertisements.

The complaint alleges that “Defendant’s imitation of Mrs. Einice may further complicate the Defendant’s use of Defendant’s Lab Marks, and may indicate Defendant’s interest in trading on behalf of the Defendant.”

iFIT has asked the court not to use Victoria’s Secret trademark and is seeking damages for the company’s breach. In addition, all branded products should be discarded.

iFIT is expecting a three-fold increase in profits from Victoria’s Secret Bank. Foley & Lardner are representing iFIT in this regard.

Earlier this year, iFIT bought the Lab app from Australian entrepreneurs Kaila Esines and Toby Pierce for $ 400 million. Itsines and her business partner, Mr. Pierce, sold their company “Sweat Health and Fitness” to IFIT in July this year.

Sweat App By 2020, it had sold more than 50% of the US market revenue of $ 53.7 million, a record $ 99.5 million.

Although the young millionaires sold the company to IFIT, they still continue to run the brand from their headquarters in Adelaide, Australia.

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