Hardik Pandia’s poor performance puts India in the ICC and is set to be released in the upcoming New Zealand series. T20 World Cup In the UAE. Not only that, BCCI is also planning to ask for more information from team leaders on the matter, according to the Insight website. Voters will choose the Indian team for the home series against New Zealand, which starts in three matches T20I.

“Certainly the selection committee and the team management will be asked to submit a report. And the name of Hardic Pandia will definitely be there,” a senior BCCI official told InsideSport. The T20 World Cup has been a hotly contested one, with voters saying he is “completely healthy” and will succeed if necessary, but as the tournament progressed, Hardik’s ability was not played in his opening game against Pakistan.

Former voter Sarandip Singh also criticized the electorate. “Hardy Pandia fitness issues have been talked about for some time, but why not ask the Nominating Committee about it? During our time in power we would answer all the questions – if one person is not qualified or something else – everything was open. But why is it no longer the same? Chetan Sharmarke once told the media something strange.

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“The chairman of the selection committee says he is fully qualified and will participate in the World Cup, so the chairman should ask where he is qualified now. He needs to say something – he’s hurt, he can’t do something. It is also unfair on Hardik, a quality player stuck in a controversy without any mistakes. If there is an injury, it doesn’t matter, I can’t do much. ”

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Pandia has not lost ten wickets in Pakistan, but has not won in New Zealand and Afghanistan. Earlier, when the IPL finished second in the United Arab Emirates, it did not encourage the Mumbai Indians at least in the first few games. India relied on the versatile player, Kohli and his men, when they lost to Namibia.

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