An over-the-counter solution allows customers to budget for a larger purchase

Key Highlights

  • TUT Fitness Group offers PayPlan to Canadian customers at RBC As a purchase payment option

  • Loans are supported by the Royal Bank Kannada And more is available for purchase. $ 300

  • TUT Fitness Equipment is in stock and available for holiday delivery and gift purchases

Vancouver, B.C., November 23, 2021 / CNW / – TUT Fitness Team Inc. (TSXV ፡ ጂ ​​ጂ ጂ ም ()TUT“) PayPlan has announced today that it will offer a pay-as-you-go payment option that allows RBC ™ customers to purchase on an equal monthly basis.

TUT Fitness Group now offers PayPlan on RBC ™ Canada’s e-commerce website (CNW Group / TUT Fitness Group Limited).

TUT Fitness customers can purchase an internationally owned TUT Trainer ™ or TUT Rower በመጠቀም using a direct and transparent purchase credit. Piplan R is available for purchase at RBC በልጥ. $ 300 And is designed to help customers pay their bills more efficiently. PayPlan is seen as a link on the RBC ™ offer, and has no effect on customer credit, or purchase obligations when customers verify their eligibility.

In addition, while many fitness equipment manufacturers are struggling with supply chain issues, TUT Fitness Group has products stored in both. America And Canadian warehouses are often available for instant delivery.

“We are happy to offer our customers useful payment options during the holiday season, and consumers will be thrilled to know that they will be arriving on time to open their TUT Fitness purchases. No gift cards or IOS are required,” he said. Rob Smith, CEO of TUT Fitness Group Inc.

PayPlan by RBC Descriptions
For PayPlan, if RBC customers receive the loan agreement and complete the check-in, there will be a serious claim that could affect credit results. Future purchases also pose a serious challenge.

The Pay Plan must be a Canadian resident who has a Canadian bank account and is an adult resident in the state in which he or she resides.

Royal Bank Trademark (s) Kannada. RBC and Royal Bank are trademarks of Royal Bank. Kannada.

Private loan products are offered by the Royal Bank of Kannada And are subject to standard loan requirements.

About Tut Fitness Group:
TUT a VancouverBased on a Canadian manufacturer of high performance fitness products. The company has designed, licensed and manufactured the world’s smallest (6 11.6 pounds) and most affordable high-performance home gym. Included in 2018, TUT is a rising star in the connected Home Gym and Fitness Tech Hardware space USD 10.7b Global Indoor Fitness Equipment Market[1] And the online fitness market, it is expected to be $ 30B 2026[2].

TUT’s patented, industry-first, stackable resistance bands (TUT Plates ™) allow the user to increase or decrease resistance loads up to 200 pounds. Used in both TUT Trainer ™ Tower and TUT Rower ይህ, this new breakthrough in exercise strength and cardio training involves targeting each muscle group without adding additional pressure on the joints, facilitating exercise and raising a bar at home. Gyms

Please see our Corporate Video Or our social channels fall- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TUT Highlights (YouTube).

For more information, please contact:
Rob Smith
CEO, TUT Fitness Group Inc.

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