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Mentor, OH – The City of Mentor buys Hesley racket and fitness club on Hesley Road.

The city council approved the deal on Tuesday, signing a $ 5.15 million deal. The purchase includes the building, equipment, and approximately eight hectares of property.

“The city has long been interested in expanding its capacity to offer in-house programs that can serve a wide range of participants, including basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, indoor swimming, track and general fitness,” said Mentor City Manager Keneth J Philippines. Price is a big event for the city that makes quality programs and facilities more accessible. “

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The fitness club covers more than 128,000 square feet and includes indoor soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball fields and picnic fields. There are also indoor and outdoor swimming pools, cardio and weight training facilities, group fitness classes, a nursery and more.

Mentor City officials said the purchase of the property was a “long-term goal” and would provide flexible housing space for residents to expand their recreational opportunities. They believe it can attract and support up to 3,500 members.

Mentor Parks and Recreation Director Ken Kaminsky said: “Finally, we have the space to bring in the kind of home entertainment program Mentor deserves. We aim to provide up to 1,000 programs a year through infants and seniors.”

Muntor City Council President Bruce Landdeg reiterated his desire to expand entertainment in Motor. In a statement, the city council said it had planned to build a new recreation center in the past by using the facilities of Mantor Schools or in partnership with groups such as LakeHealth and Lake County YMCA.

A.D. With the fitness club nearing the city in 2019, authorities took the opportunity to sell.

Once the sale is complete, the fitness club may be temporarily closed for renovations and upgrades. Motor Park Parks and Recreation Team Facility: Develop a special program, build staff, and create a membership structure.

Anyone looking for job opportunities in the revised facility should contact the Parks and Recreation Department.