Spartan x Titan

Titan Fitness has become a major brand in the world of fitness for the past six years by expanding its customer base. “It has always been our goal to provide customers with affordable, yet affordable fitness products,” he said. Austin Speck“People can train at home with our equipment, but now the Spartan community can also use Titan fitness equipment such as racks, weights, bars, ropes and sandbags to compete in Spartan events.”

“We support the Spartan community not only on race day, but also on a daily basis for mental content as well as training equipment, nutrition, gear and lifestyle products,” he said. Joe de Cena, CEO and founder of Spartan. “When we were looking for a partner, we knew we needed the best in-class product that could withstand the rigors of in-house training and withstand the rigors of the day of the competition. “It fits perfectly.”

Included in the mission of both organizations is the philosophy that everyone deserves to be stronger, more efficient and healthier.

“Our fitness equipment is for anyone looking to maximize their potential and achieve their goals,” Speck said. “Our clients come from all walks of life, from elite athletes to weekend fighters, who want to start their fitness journey and live a healthy life or push their boundaries. Through this partnership we strengthen both communities. Overcoming obstacles they improve their overall well-being. Outdoors, our fitness products help athletes prepare for the race for life.

“Titan Fitness provides the best equipment any Spartan athlete or DEKA affiliate gym needs,” de Sena said. “Spartan offers its initiative and purpose. It is a strong partnership that will help our communities resist expectations and break their personal preferences.” To learn more about Titan Fitness, please visit Titan.A Fitness. For more information on Titan brands, visit

For more information about Spartan, please visit

About Titan Brands
At Titan Brands, the focus is simple – on people. Titan Brands enriches and simplifies life by giving customers the freedom to buy, making it easier for customers to get premium products without a premium price. By providing superior product, disrupting the high-cost market with premium ecommerce capabilities and world-class services, Titan Brands will be able to provide a stronger, healthier and more fulfilling life for those who buy their brands.

About Spartan
Spartan is an international sports and health brand with a strong community of over 10 million. We create change experiences, products and content to help people, companies and groups break boundaries and expand what they believe is possible. Spartan combines large international events with colorful digital content and community forums. With 250 events in more than 40 countries on six continents, Spartan is the world’s leading extreme health and endurance brand. Visit For more information and registration.

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