Welcome to this week Lounge Fitness Summary. Every Saturday, we pick some of the best stories of the week that you may have missed so you can expand your fitness knowledge and make your workout better. As always, remember that no matter how good your workouts are, they can always improve with a little help and guidance.

This week we have three great stories that focus on different aspects of fitness travel. One story looks at new scientific discoveries about how our bodies work, and the second story looks at the importance of building your guts. Finally, the third story looks at the importance of flexibility and suggests two best stretching habits that you should incorporate into your workout.

Now is the time to shed some myths about metabolism and exercise.

What we know about metabolism and exercise is changing.

Much of what we know about sports and fitness is being tested by new scientific discoveries. Which is a good thing, because it will increase our knowledge of our bodies, and our understanding of how exercise works will become even more obscure.

Lounge Fitness writer Shrinik Avlani has come up with a number of important research findings that force physicians to take special care of diseases such as metabolism, cardiovascular health, and diabetes. As he writes in the story, now is the time to look at your fitness goals and journey in a new way. A story to read.

Three best personal exercises for bootylicious

Choose the right exercises for strong guts.

Choose the right exercises for strong guts.

In this story. Lounge Writer and fitness enthusiast Prety Zacharias lists the various exercises you need to do if you want a strong and good boot. This is something she strives for as a fitness goal and you should be arguing in this section as well.

Here are three great exercises you can do, along with videos to show you how to do them, so you don’t need any weight. Exercises such as the private bridge, donkey kicks and side band walks can be done anywhere at any time.

Two best stretching exercises to improve your flexibility

Do not jump to improve your flexibility.

Do not jump to improve your flexibility.

Exercise is a holistic process that focuses not only on cardio-vascular capacity but also on elasticity. While this is well known, it is sometimes lost to the fact that you have to work on your flexibility. as such Lounge Fitness Editor Bbeck Batacharya wrote in this piece, Your body should be strong, but it should be smooth.

Stubbornness is your enemy and if you do not include enough flexibility in your workouts, you are more likely to get hurt. In this story, Bhattacharya lists two good flexibility exercises that you should include in your weekly exercise class.

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