Three Crowns Fitness Challenge-

Nigerian Leader Low Cholesterol Milk Brand Three crowns milk He completes the 2021 Fitness Test with a fun and healthy note for muslims.

The digital-led campaign, designed to help mothers stay healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, stayed with renowned fitness instructor, Coach Shedams, Kathy, Nijamatoms, BB Naja Saga, Min, Zumba and Ihi. , And Nollywood actress Iabo Ojo.

The training also offers three fitness levels – Nubby (Beginner Level), Wannabe (Standard) and Pro (Advanced) along with daily fitness videos for user preferences. Physical cardio dance sessions were posted on the brand’s social media pages and participants spent 30 days in live training with certified fitness instructors on WhatsApp and Telegram.

During the training, consumers were encouraged to practice the household items such as bags, buckets and plastic bottles, as well as to perform simple procedures and do tasks that do not require professional supervision.

Jobus, one of the happy participants, said: “I used to be a breadwinner and I always ate.

“I still eat snacks, but now it’s mainly fruit, and I haven’t eaten bread since class. I was working too, but laziness did not allow me to be consistent. During the fitness test, I was able to work every day except Sunday and I added ‘Jara’ after each set.

“Dear Coach Chinwe (Najifatoms) I appreciate the pressure. She’s an interesting ginger wella. I will wait. ”

Similarly, another happy participant, Teju, said, “I have lost 3 kg and 3 cm from my waist. My hands refused to pull. But I do not despair. The coach made us realize that our progress is huge and we should even say we are happy. I understand that it is important to be vigilant, to cut down on unnecessary things and to not deceive yourself when no one is watching. I eat fruits and vegetables every day without cutting down on carbohydrates and I still lose an inch. That’s more. ”

Commenting on exercise, Three Crown Marketing Manager, Omorara Banjoko, said: The brand recognizes it as the ‘home heart’. By caring for mothers, we end up worrying about everyone in the community. We have seen many mothers participate in the campaign with their children, spouses and friends. This will definitely lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

Three-crown milk Heart-friendly Frisland Campus WAMCO Nigeria Pvt. It is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world, a leading dairy company in Nigeria and a partner of Royal Frisland Campus in the Netherlands.