Thrasio-style startup Powerhouse91 acquires fitness brand Slovic

Thrasio-style startup Powerhouse91 Fitness brand acquired Slovich | Visicir

Thrasio-style starter Powerhouse91 has received fitness brand Slovich

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Ecommerce Collector Powerhouse 91 Operator PH91 Pvt Limited acquired an undisclosed amount in the Slovak brand on Monday.

Powerhouse91 says it aims to increase Slovakia by 15-20 x in the next few years. He did not specify the number of years.

“Through Powerhouse91, we (Slovich) intend to expand its reach and provide a platform that will accelerate its growth.” Shashwat Dish, co-founder of Powerhouse91, said in a statement.

The deal was signed by Azah Personal Care Pvt Ltd. Azah was founded by the founders of Powerhouse91 and will be supported by Titan Capital in 2019.

“Our goal at Powerhouse91 is to create an umbrella of high-quality brands to grow and thrive,” says Dish.

Slovich, operated by Slovak Enterprise LLP, offers products such as protective bands and tubes.

A.D. Founded in 2021 by Shashawat Dish and Akib Mohammed, Powerhouse 91 is the latest addition to the Thrasio-style business model.

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