Over the weekend, a spectacular start was made on Derby Bay Road.

Addiction Coach They have started their new campus with a new gym, massage and therapy room as well as counseling and family classes.

Not only did the gym equipment stand out as we entered the launcher, but messages of hope were posted on the wall.

This is because he saw not only the gym that night but also the community.

Peer Advisor Stephen Dudy with Fitness Coach Edle Moore at ARC Fitness

We also talked to staff members about the establishment. ARC Fitness Founder Gary Rutherford.

The atmosphere in the room was electric and promising as people listened to the stories of success in overcoming addiction and its impact on people.

With ARC fitness, recovery breeds recovery.

Edle Moore, a fitness trainer at ARC, tells us how unique the organization is to many people and why its services are so important.

ARC Fitness, Derry

She said: “ARC is a home for many people, a family.

“For some people this is a second chance. There is no shame or judgment, it is full of compassion, everyone is treated the same. Not only gym, but it is a way of life for many.

“There is no shame or exclusion, there is only love, support and encouragement and I know how deeply I feel, I never thought I would be part of such a thing, this is so special.”

“The fight against addiction in this city is no secret. I think we are completely different from other support groups.

“I am very proud and privileged to be part of this. It is magic.”

Derry Mayor Alderman Graham Warke officially opens ARC Fitness, Bay Road

Stephen Dudy, a peer counselor at ARC Fitness, was one of the speakers at night. He himself is in the process of recovering from the ARC program.

He said: “Tonight is the biggest celebration of all. Celebrate how far ARC has come.

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“When I went into the program, the coaches came out. They were people who understood, were there and did not judge.

“My goal is to keep going. I want people to know that there is hope. Things can change. I know it can be difficult but there is living evidence. Do not despair.”

ARC founder Gary Rutherford received a standing ovation.

Talking to ARC fitness founder Gary Rutherford, it was clear that the start of ARC fitness at Bay Road was a sign of progress and an opportunity to thank those who helped.

“We went from page to page and now we have a beautiful, practical place where we can do a lot of things,” he said.

ARC Fitness Founder Gary Rutherford

“Tonight is to thank the people, the team, the donors, the supporters, the people who helped us along the way.

“It’s a recognition of what we do but thank you and that’s what the support did.

“For me, it’s hard to know how big the start is. This is love for me. It’s humble but nice to see.”

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