After more than 15 years of service to the world of health and fitness, Jeff Halvey has paved the way for himself. He starred in his own international television program for his work as a health and safety reporter on NBC’s Today Show. Internal Exercise with Jeff Halvey It has also contributed features in various print and online publications.

Distinguished Physician, Entrepreneur and Ideologist – and Winner of Pearl-Size Brain – Now Future software platform – Altis – This exercise not only helps the future but also helps others to be as good as they can be. Halvey about 10 years ago as a child – inspired by Michelle Obama to create a technology-based program for obesity. “Let’s move.”

The artificial moon, or AI, is seen by machines in contrast to the natural abilities of humans or animals. Describing Altis, Halve said that he uses cameras to see the human body and the things around it. “Think of it as a human body,” he said.

AI technology, with an Altis camera, can view all the joints in the human body with 3D images in one go. Show live image of your entire body from the inside out.

With this ability, Altis can help you correct your form while there. Choosing the best exercises And adjust your workouts in real time based on weight for your body, your level of fatigue, and know and Prevention of injuries. And with this technology, no wearers are needed.

At 40 inches long, Altis looks more like a sound bar, plugs into the screen of any device like Apple TV and works in minutes. Just like in your own home, you will have your own personal trainer (who will not delay) and who will understand how to manage your body and movement.

“This is made possible by the unparalleled computer-assisted neural network and exercise science machine learning model of the world’s top doctors in physical therapy and training. Strength and flexibility Coaches, ”explains Halvey.

Despite its good performance, Altis will have some push when it enters the market in 2022. “Like any disruptive technology, we will have lovers and enemies,” says Halvey. “Actually, the thing I feel most when I share with Altis is that he can fire coaches. Altis fires some coaches. The bad onesWho should probably train anyone to start with? ”