On October 31, the Turlock Nerf team hosted a man-and-zombie theme and played a variety of games, capturing the flag, the ball and the flag. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Colors)

A local Facebook group has given members of the community a chance to find new ways to relax while exercising with friends.

Turlock Nerf Group Introduces a variety of games that include a variety of games, with the aim of promoting fun to leave the house, interacting with other individuals in a safe environment, and exercising rather than being tired.

The creator of the group and the explosive-wielding Wali White controls the growing group and organizes the freedom to attend events.

Nerf Blasters

Participants in the TNG event are encouraged to bring any explosion of any kind, regardless of style or quality. (Photo courtesy of Wali White)

“Since the outbreak, many people have been trapped inside for no apparent reason. Why not do something fun now that everything has become so important lately? “Running with mines is a great way, and it’s a great way to remember that being a kid is good, even if you’re an adult.”

While people interested in bubble bumps may be attracted to the group at first, there are also activities in the hobby that are less popular.

“Wear comfortable running shoes. You will be awake, so remember that. Bring a little water to drink and if you have mines, bring mines, ”said White.

“You don’t need expensive things to be great with this and to beat the people who have the most expensive things at a party. Explosions are for a few dollars or hundreds, they don’t have to be fancy or expensive to have fun and enjoy a party,” White said.

While some may feel intimidated by running around and being bombarded with bubbles, the team has opted for an all-rounder.

“In each of the different games, the different styles are completely safe. You have more people standing and grabbing the ground while you are running and you have some people moving forward. Peter Colar, a member of the community and a participant in the event, explained.

Although the group is still relatively new, a list of rules has already been drafted to ensure that everyone attending the event is safe and on the same page as what is allowed and what is not allowed at the event.

A full list of rules can be found on the team Facebook page, Some of the most popular details include;

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian who is over 18 years of age and responsible for them at all times.
  • Eye protection should be worn at all times without exception.
  • Black or military-style clothing or uniforms are not permitted.
  • Words such as ‘gun’, ‘bullet’ or ‘kill’ cannot be used to intimidate surrounding communities.

Eye protection

Proper eye protection must always be provided to ensure the safety of all participants in any event hosted by TNG. (Photo courtesy of Wali White)

In addition to the rules outlined on the team’s Facebook page, the team will also be able to help the local community with homework during the event.

“We clean up every mess to make sure we are not messing up. If you shoot a dart, pick one up. He also said that we will make sure to remove any debris, such as garbage or dog kennel before any event, so that we can have a clean play area and help the city keep the parks clean.

The group recently hosted a theme for people of all ages and on Halloween. Twelve people attended the event.

“My kids love doing something with their families, and they find it fun. They love the opportunity to play games with all the adults,” said community member Michelle Callar, one of the participants at the final event.

While the group is still in its infancy, there is hope among its members that many will try their hobbies and take an interest in the local group.

“I think this group is good for people who are interested, so just try to get them out and see if they like it. Certainly if someone is interested, the best thing to do is to find and shoot,” said Peter Callar.

The team hopes to make progress by expanding the type and frequency of events.

“If people really care about us, we’ve really want it to be a place where we can help each other,” says White.

Next Event listed for the group The PG-13 Starcraft and Star Trek event will take place on November 21. The Tulok Nerf team encourages anyone looking for an upcoming event or event to look at the information posted on them. Facebook page.