The beginning of November shows a few things.

However, Auburn’s students do not allow climate change to interrupt their cries. Here are some great places to get sweat this winter, according to Auburn students.

Leopard metal:

A.D. Launched in 2013 by brothers Kent and Kurt Hayley, Tiger Iron is the only 24-hour gym in Auburn. According to their Twitter page, gym advertising allows members to work out how and when they want it.

Averie Benson, a senior public relations officer and Tiger Iron employee, said she excelled in her encouraging environment. Benson said tiger iron is primarily a heavy lift, and she said she “never experienced any judgment” while working out there as a beginner. Tiger Iron pay comes at $ 29 a month.

High fitness:

Max Fitness is another traditional gym option in Auburn. According to their website, the fitness center opened in 1992. The gym offers group classes, personal trainings, leather work, outdoor classes and kindergarten. Jim offers payment options twice a week, from a personal package up to $ 14.99 to a family package at $ 34.99.

Orange Theory:

Orange Theory is part of HIIT exercise that combines cardio and strength training in an effort to increase heart rate and burn more calories.

Exercise itself is a cycle of daily paddle exercises, running and various weight-bearing exercises.

Although the company Although it opened in Auburn in 2015, Orange Theory first began in 2010 and now has more than 1,300 locations worldwide, according to its website. The company chose to disclose price points in person, but said that packages in the Auber region range from $ 99 to $ 150.


pūrvelo is a cycle-based full-body workout that focuses on cardio and hand weight. According to the company’s website, Purvelo was founded in 2015 in Charlottesville, VA by Christ Watson. Since then, the company has expanded to serve four other locations in the Southeast, one of which is the Auburn community.

Dominic Edmundson is a microbiologist, and since the fall of 2020, he has been a regular purveyor. She says the studio’s focus is on community support.

“I came to the training and stayed with the people,” Edmonson said.

9 round fitness:

Round 9 is a 30-minute kickboxing exercise. The exercise consists of nine training centers that combine strength training, kickboxing and core work, as well as a personal trainer leading members in their woreda.

The company encourages members to show up at a convenient time, even if there are no scheduled sessions, it said on its website. Monthly prices range from $ 79 to $ 109, and include unlimited exercise.

F45 training:

The F45 North Auburn area opened in February 2020, bringing group training to Auburn. According to the company’s website, the brand focuses on building a “no” fitness community that helps members “change their lifestyle physically and mentally.”

The 45-minute F45 team training session aims to burn 750 calories. The F45 offers two membership plans, a 10-class pass for $ 120 and a six-month pass for $ 750. For non-member gym visitors, the F45 entrance fee is $ 20.

Club Pilate:

With more than 600 locations around the world, Pilate is promoting itself as the world’s largest Pilates chain. The brand offers eight different class styles, from beginner “basic” level education to advanced level “expert” level.

“If you are going through a bad day,” says Nunez, “I have a choice.”

CrossFit on the field:

A.D. Launched in 2010, CrossFit on the Plains introduces itself as “Auburn’s original cross-gym gym” on its website. Combining strength training and cardio, Jim’s goal is to create maximum time-consuming exercise.

CrossFit on The Plains offers about 11 lessons each day, with limited hours on weekends. They offer individual training, group classes, and several membership planning options over a period of three months to a year. Jim offers drop-down rooms for $ 15.