A.D. In early 2017, he bought the tech press Imagination, showing how Motivational Wear Fitness lives above the wrist. Eventually, however, physical activity was not enough for the company, which quickly sought to expand into something like a biometric device. In contrast to Aura, health has become more than adequate.

In fact, at the time of the outbreak, the company had a 2020 banner when companies were looking for solutions outside the box. The launch showed how different health metrics can help identify CV-19 and other health conditions, and some of America’s biggest sports organizations, including the NBA, WNBA, World Surf League, USA Surfing + World Surf League, are excited. , Red Bull Racing, Seattle Mariners, UFC and NASCAR.

Image thanks Aura

During her lifetime, Aura said she had sold “hundreds of thousands” of rings. It’s not the numbers that are crashing in the consumer electronics world, but it’s an impressive development for hardware startups – especially in a market full of different smartwatches and fitness bands.

Aura succeeds in consolidating some of the most impressive sensors in a unique package, providing some quality insights into things like exercise and sleep. The new J-3 ring reaffirms the company’s commitment to bread and butter – not surprisingly, at a time when all wearers make a significant contribution to health and well-being.

The top line features here are 24/7 health monitoring, courtesy, partial daily / direct cardiac monitoring. Other key features include improved temperature monitoring, better sleep monitoring, and menstrual forecasting. The company later wrote:

Aura accurately predicts your next menstrual period 30 days in advance and informs you 6 days before the start, so you are always ready. Aura takes a more general approach to predicting your menstrual cycle, as your body temperature changes naturally during the menstrual cycle, rather than relying solely on calendars. Although most tracking methods assume that your cycle is the same each month, the Uura session forecast adjusts the forecast as your cycle changes.

The news also shows that the company is getting deeper into the sports content by joining friends like Apple, Fitbit and Samsung. The library, now listed as “Coming Soon”, will begin with more than 50 video and audio sessions focusing on exercise, meditation, sleep, and breathing.

Image thanks Aura

“We will continue to expand this library. Both educational content – understanding the effects of things like caffeine and sleep – and also content that leads, “CEO Harprett Ray told Tech Crunch.” It is a one-stop shop for your health.

Those videos are available with In-Depth Health Awareness at $ 6 a month.

“It’s a hardware and subscription if you look at Pelton, Tonal, Tampon, Hydron and all your related fitness,” Rai says. “You see the wearers walking down that road. I think we can go through a full subscription model over time? There may be different ways to finance these things – I think you can. We did not remove it. But we have seen a lot of consumers fall for this because of the total cost of ownership.

The ring will continue to add new features in the future, including the SpO2 blood oxygen test, which is scheduled to arrive sometime next year. The ring itself costs $ 300 and is now pre-ordered. Shipping begins in mid-November.