Yasmi Chavez

Thursday, October 14, 2021 View of Nevada Higher Education Building.

When the Nevada Regions Board meets Friday, it is important to do so.

Pick two people who have not been charged with misconduct and have the board investigate.

While the grievances of Chancellor Melody Rose have been investigated by President Katie MacDo and Vice-Chairman Patrick Carter, buyers must ensure that their successors do not have a conflict of interest with her or a complaint from the Truckee Meadows Community. College President Karin Hilgersom.

Sources told Sun that none of the current executives and board members were involved in the allegations. Sources familiar with the complaint, however, believe that according to Hilgersom’s statement, the buyers can estimate the current registrant’s identity.

Therefore, this ruler may know that he is the focus of Hilgersom’s complaint, just like his colleagues. Considering the situation, the buyer should not take into account the roles of the authority. If not, other buyers should consider it a choice.

Anyone who takes over MacDonald and Carter must be cleared of the same charges.

Given that the Chairperson and Vice-Chair have the power to select and prioritize the work of the Board, it is not appropriate for a person named in a minor complaint to have a hand in the conduct of the Board.

In the meantime, McDoward and Carter should refrain from voting for the interim chair and vice-chairman, or, if possible, do so. They don’t have to say anything – it creates an opportunity for them to choose their defendant.

Rose and Hilgersom are indebted to everyone in the higher education system and to the electorate of Nevada voters to ensure that the complaint is completely free of board interference.

There are serious issues associated with this. Rose Macedon and Carter were accused of racially abusing, abusing, and abusing her in an attempt to overthrow her. Hilgersso’s complaint is said to contain similar allegations.

We are confident that the rulers will not be fooled into replacing their officers with someone accused of this behavior, and that they may fall into this trap again. The chancellor, who usually sits with the chair and vice-chair of the buyer’s agenda, reportedly became paralyzed after Rose complained in early October. McAduur and Carter took their seats, their relationship with the Chancellor was broken, and effective control came out of the window. All three meetings of the Governing Body between October and Friday have been canceled or rescheduled.

It’s time to dump her and move on. There are 10 other regiments to choose from.

Buyers should be notified that they will be available on Friday. The Board has a long-standing reputation for investigating abuses between itself and senior executives and ignoring discrimination against women.

There are many examples of this. It’s about the involvement of what Ligger Lisa Levine calls “child-talk.”

According to Rose, this “old club” has been around for a long time and has caused a lot of damage. Friday’s meeting will be a sign that buyers are willing to make the necessary improvements.

Part of the board did the right thing – and finally – accepted the invitation of the Regions, John T. Moran and Amy Carvalho. Access to the calendar requires the permission of at least five board members.

Now, the next step in cleaning up the system is to select board officials who are not accused of having a dirty hand.