Norman, Okla (KFOR) – Norman City emphasizes community health through programs such as Mayor Mov and now a free gym for everyone.

The city’s new fitness court b Francis Kate Park. It is an outdoor gym where residents practice a variety of bodybuilding exercises.

James White, owner of a wrestling or aerobic gym, first visited a fitness court model in San Francisco. He knew that the design captive should be in Norman.

“I was fortunate to participate in the initial talks between Norman City and the National Fitness Council to bring this type of fitness court to Norman,” White said.

The newly established Fitness Court has seven stations. You can do a full workout in 20 minutes in three minutes.

“We want a healthy community,” said Jason Olson, director of parks and recreation in Norman City. “We want people to go out no matter what their income level and have a healthy, safe way, exercise, and this is a great place to come to the gym.”

Olsen said the Fitness Court is in line with Norman City’s recent addition to health care.

“Norman City has 65 parks, a golf course, a swimming pool, all of which have a variety of ways to protect yourself, stay healthy and get out,” Olsen said.

More than $ 125,000 has been donated to the Community Block Grant, a federal grant that includes activities such as keeping people indoors or adding facilities to parks.

“Community Block Aid is basically about accessing services that help certain parts of certain cities and towns stay healthy and have a better lifestyle and better quality of life,” Olson said.

The new fitness court also a Related application, Where people can follow free sports activities based on the tools in court.