One of Lovland’s local bicycle shops has been helping people for 80 years and bidding farewell to the community at the end of the year.

Lovland Cycling N Fitness was opened by Ed and Elmina Klitiske as a Klitzki bike shop A.D. 500 block of North Cleveland Ave. in 1943, the last location to the present, 524 N. Cleveland Ave. , In the 1950s. The store has undergone some renovations since then, and in 1998 it was acquired by Rick Press.

“I came into this second job because I love cycling and trying to change the world,” said the press. “I was changing the world for a bicycle all at once.”

He said he had no retail experience when he entered the business but had no technical background in understanding bicycles. Although he felt comfortable doing the job, he had to learn the best way to sell it.

But as the years went by he said he was closed and had a lot of fun. As trends progressed, Priscilla was ready to offer the hottest bike of the day. (He said for a long time they were coastal ships).

As the years went by, the bicycles began to take over the world, and some even returned. The Tandam Bicycle, now located in the center of the store, was sold years ago, found on Craig’s list last year and bought back.

But over the years, they have served as a stepping stone to business. According to the press, he decided to close the store because of the problems caused by the outbreak, the changes in the market and his readiness to work. For the past few years, the press has tried to persuade someone to buy the business, but it has not worked.

“With sales pressure on everything you buy online, it’s not exactly the same,” he said. “People used to come to us as bicycle producers, and now they come to the store knowing more about the product. The whole variability has changed. It’s not as exciting as it used to be.

LOVELAND, CO – November 17, 2021 ሪክ Rick Press, owner of Bicycle N Fitness, talks about the Tandam bicycle, which he first sold and re-purchased twenty years ago on November 17, 2021. He said he may have to keep the bike. The store will close at the end of the year. The Press, which has owned more than 80 stores for more than 20 years, is about to retire. (Jenny Sparks / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

He later said that “a city needs a good bicycle shop” because it was sad to see the shop closed.

“Monica Rasmussen, director of marketing and another press release, said,” When you put in a lot of energy and heart, there is really sadness. “The time has come. It’s hard to understand. ”

But as the store prepared to close once and for all, the press and Rasmussen positively reflected what they could offer.

Rasmussen said, “We loved the business, it was very exciting.” “We loved our customers and we loved the industry.”

The press still says he still enjoys cycling, and he mentions its positive impact on his health. Looking back on his years in the store, seeing the customers coming and going in his favorite pastime, the press says he has no regrets.

“It was a great trip. “We always try to bring good service and a friendly smile to everyone who comes.”

The store will be open from Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday from 5pm to 5pm Preiss expects to be open until the end of the year or until the goods are completely finished. All items will be 50% off.