After years of practice, the Warrior Way Fitness Center will open on October 18.

The building was formerly the Warrior Way Post Exchange. The newly renovated facility is 36,000 square feet, all equipped with new equipment, some of which cannot be found in other fitness facilities on the post, such as two stretching machines, tires and aerobics.

“We are thrilled to have access to this state-of-the-art equipment, which includes rigs, six lifting platforms, new assault bicycles, 12 multi-jing systems, concepts, new bikes, treadmills, treadmills, ropes and medicine. Hosts of balls and other new equipment,” said Sonya Armstrong. , Supervising sports specialist, said. “We’re here to focus on all parts of the body and make sure each one focuses on different muscle groups.”

Celismarie Rivera, general manager of the Warrior Way Fitness Center, described the facility as two gyms.

“We have a fully functional gym and then we have a full weight lifting gym. Here you can find it all at once,” she said.

Gym is a great multi-tasking gym where everyone can go out and have fun, even if they are exercising and getting stronger. Everything is there, ”added Armstrong.

Although there is no sauna, the shower stalls are new and the largest gym in the post.

Both Rivera and Armstrong are very happy that the long process of renovating the space has finally come to an end and the end result is to be expected.

“Recently, many gymnasiums have focused on exercise, and many soldiers want to keep up the weight. I feel like watching this gym. This is what they are asking for literally, so they are heavy, and we will still provide troops who need it. ” Says Rivera. We had a few hidden views of people coming in and they were amazed at how big it was – they wondered how much space they had to work.

“The combat route is an institution that our troops enjoy,” Armstrong said. “It helps them prepare their bodies for real life activities and for activities such as bending, reaching, pulling and lifting.”

To celebrate the opening of Warrior Way, there will be Raffles throughout the day, October 18th. Prizes will be free tickets to swing bags and gym competitions.

Stay tuned to the Fort Hood Family and Moral, Safety and Recreation Directorate for updates on all new gym hours on October 18.