You do not need to be a boxing fan to know that boxing is one of the best ways to achieve great shape. And you do not have to be an aspiring fighter to turn the boxing career into a sport.

Anyone who has ever watched a rocky movie like Creed or a Million Dollar Baby or any other boxing movie has ever seen a boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather has been a living proof of the potential impact of boxing. Floyd, like Mantras, has always supported “diligence and diligence,” and now he brings this experience to the public through his new fitness gymnasium. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. Floyd’s vision is to make the basics of boxing accessible to everyone, and cardio is an integral part of the program.

What are the essentials of boxing that will produce amazing results for both professionals and fans? Let’s review it and see if a professional can spend hours on a modified 45-60 minute workout in an improved format.

First, there is the cardio. Boxers must have incredible perseverance and strength. There is a saying that there is a shape, and then there is the “box shape”, which is a completely different level of fitness.

Known for cardio, running, road work, it is basic. No matter what shape you are in, you can move around and work on your card, thinking you are healthy in the first place.

Running on a treadmill is ideal for beginners because long distance goals are difficult to reach. Until you are in good shape, you do not know how far you can run. Treadmill lets you keep track of your distance and also change your tilt.

For cardio, the heart rate monitor is an important tool. For starters, you need your doctor’s confirmation of what exercise levels are right for you. Experts use heart rate monitors to improve their performance.

In any case, if you have the information, you can evaluate how much effort you put into it, rather than comparing yourself with other people. Also, you can make sure you are challenging yourself without overdoing it, and use footrests to fit your fitness level.

Also for cardio, as well as coordination and efficiency, jumping rope is a key boxing practice. Jumping rope burns a lot of calories and is great for cardio. Remember, everyone can jump rope and have fun as a child, but for some reason, as we get older, it may seem like a real challenge.

Adding a jump rope to your workout is a real benefit and you can start without a rope. Simple jumpers, or improved jumpers (non-jumping action) can start to shape you.

If you take the jump rope, you can get started in a short time, and build strength over time. And by disconnecting the rope, stop to catch your own natural rest and wind. Over time, you will practice jumping and regain your coordination, while at the same time getting a better shape to stay longer.

Cardio and conditioning are the basis of the box shape, because those 3 minute rounds, 10 or 12 rounds cannot last, unless they are in excellent shape. Remember, the boxer trying to survive may not be the one to win those rounds. Maintaining proper posture, balance and shape for power requires more effort, strength, stamina and training.

In our next article we will talk about strength, power and movement – boxing explosives, training to make it easier and more dangerous and can make a big difference to your life outside of the ring.