New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard competes at the Tokyo Olympics. She was the first female transgender athlete at the Olympics. Image source: Getty / Stanislav Krasilnikov

He has been in talks with more than 250 athletes and stakeholders for two years Athlete Ali, International Olympic Committee (IOC) has introduced a new framework for transgender and intersex athletes. Governing bodies set their own standards for men’s and women’s sports. It is not legally binding – the implementation of policies is the responsibility of these independent federations – but it replaces earlier statements made by the IOC. Guidelines for 2015 Testosterone Levels For transgender women.

The ICO framework focuses on 10 principles: inclusion, harm prevention, non-discrimination, equity, benefit assessment, evidence-based approach, health and fitness self-management, stakeholder approach, privacy and timely assessments. It encourages, among other things, to avoid unnecessary processes and challenges to ensure eligibility. “When the IOC issued this framework [recognizes] Considering the nature of each sport, an athlete must be in each sport and in his or her governing body to determine if he or she has an unbalanced advantage compared to his or her peers. Attached news release status. See the full framework here..

Chris Mosier, Transgender lawyer and The first known transgender person represented the United States. In international competition, He wrote on Twitter“The new IOC framework provides guidance on how to design and implement eligibility criteria that respect the rights of all athletes – gender identity, expression and / or gender – to participate in non-discriminatory sports.”

Mosier stated that he was arguing. The IOC Agreement was ratified in 2004After transgender athletes played in the United States in 2015, they underwent surgery to compete in the sport of gender identity.[T]At the root of my problem was my belief that medical intervention should not be necessary to compete in sports. While the surgical requirement has been removed, other medical measures remain in the policy.

Canadian soccer player Quinn, of First, to claim the Transgender and Non-Athlete Gold – and any medal – at the OlympicsThey said In a statement to Athlete Ali“This is especially true of transgender athletes and athletes. This new IOC framework is making a big difference on the road. “Athletes participate in sports without any natural benefit and our humanity should be respected.”

“This new IO framework is a reflection of what we know to be true – that athletes like me and my peers participate in sports without any natural benefit and that our humanity should be respected.”

This summer, New Zealand weight lifting Laurel Hubbard And the USA BMX replacement Chelsea Wolfe were the first female athletes at the Olympics (Wolf) He did not compete in the end. In games). Wolfe told Axio. The IOC framework “is a sign that sports are moving towards equal opportunity and human rights.” She warns that these guidelines are undesirable for sports governing bodies as they do not guarantee sexual harassment and will not be accepted by trans athletes. She continued, “Decentralization is unfortunate and leaves the final decision to the lower echelons of government to ensure the fair implementation of the rules and to amend various laws to explore and challenge sex and trans athletes and our supporters. Wolfe told POPSUGAR that she had nothing to add at this time.

According to Axio, many athletes, including South African track and field athletes, continue to be excluded from the competition despite strict rules governing sports. Caster SemeniaShe now has to lower her medical testosterone to compete in the 400-meter to 1-mile race. Semenia was born with high testosterone, and the International Athletics Court (IAC) has ruled in favor of athletes of different sexes. Limit five nanometers per liter. ESN announced The IOC’s new framework does not change its policy toward world athletics policy, nor does it change Semenia’s qualifications.

The IOC plans to hold a “release phase” with Webnar this summer after the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Separately, POPSUGAR contacted the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to understand the framework for transgender and intersex athletes. The spokesman said the IPC did not have its own directives but rather that policies were being pursued by each Para Sport International Federation.