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State Iceland, New York – Since October has been a Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a campaign to raise awareness and raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and treatment – suggests how a local women’s group can contribute.

This past weekend the ZsQUAD fitness team organized a fundraiser for Zumba, the pink color associated with breast cancer awareness.

Zumba is the most popular combination of Latin dance music – salsa and meringue – and is said to be the largest brand in the world.

Milda Cabello Raventos, the wife of the late George Raventos, the creator of the preface, connected us with the Zumba group.

Christine Terzuli, one of the organizers, said: “The day started with lunch at the Zumba Room, Raffles and Holidays.

In addition to Terzuli, ZsQUAD instructors Charulata Ortlieb, Adele Dunn and Gina Viola have been teaching outdoor Zumba classes in the park every two weeks since July 2020.

In the case of breast cancer in the Zimba conference center on the left are Milda Cabello Raventos, Christine Terzuli, Gina Viola, Charulata Ortlib and Adele Forest. (Glory / Christine Terzuli) Staten Island Advent

“And the Zumba Breast Cancer Fundraiser, an annual home-based event. This year’s fundraiser raised more than $ 3,000 for the American Cancer Society, which was taken out of the park due to the epidemic in 2020. More than 60 participants joined in the fun, many of whom are members of the Staten Island South Shore YMCA, where all teachers teach, ”added Terzuli.

The day began with Zumba lessons, races, and lunch.

“Every day of the week, we dance to zombies. . . At the Conference House, on October 16, we turned our room into a fundraiser. And after class we had all the income raffle and food assigned to the American Cancer Society. We have been hosting the event for the past five years. It was a very successful event. We plan to hold the event every year. But in any case, we plan to do it, both indoors and outdoors. Everyone is welcome to the fundraiser – just to dance or just to have fun.

Breast cancer awareness phenomenon

At the conference park, on the left are Zumba breast cancer screeners Adele Dunn, Gina Viola, Charlotte Ortlib, Christine Terzuli and South Shore YMCA General Manager Lisa Hornner. (Glory / Christine Terzuli) Staten Island Advent