South African Expert Captain Dean Elgar He indicated that he had returned to full fitness with a hamstring injury With a hundred The Titans’ third win of the season is their third inning this season. Elgar, who kept Nigel on during the T20 domestic competition, was one of the 400 Titans for the Titans.

“The most important thing was that he had the opportunity to spend time on the cross and it took him. Mandla MashimbiThe Titans coach told Espencriscino.

Elgar and his opening partner Grant MokoenaHe has scored 154 goals in 231 opening matches. Jiveshan Pillay And Ayabulela Gikamane They donated 113 * and 117 *, respectively, to take the Titans to 647 for 7. Despite the large number, Mashimbyi’s beating in New Zealand indicates that the scorecard is not as straightforward as it seems. “This was not a typical Cape Town wicket. It was a bit slow so the batter really had to be dragged,” he said. “Once the guys are in, we find that things are getting a little easier.”

The beatings of the Western powers did not do much. There were only more than 40 results in their first innings in left-handed rotation. Simon Harmer‘s 7 for 76 forced the follower, 452 running back. Harmer finished the game with 10 wickets and the West Indies dug second for 313, half-century by Daniel Smith and Kyle Verrein.

The victory puts the Titans in fourth place on the table and with one round of games to go before the break, Mashimbi hopes to consolidate his second-half victory over Cape Town, Poland this week. For Elgar, the game will need to be doubled as he looks to extend his pre-season tour of India, which kicks off in South Africa in mid-December.

“Dean wants to work on certain issues, he just wants to be in a good position and look at the ball and highlight the points,” said Mashimbi. He knows the game well and is playing it a lot, so if he spends more time in the middle he will be ready for the tests.

Other results:

Part One

  • The Lions have maintained their place at the top of the table. An Innings-and-a-30-run victory over Poland By Wanderers. After leaving Boland for 170, a new ODI call Ryan Rickelton He scored 117 points. Boland came out on top for 150 second innings Duwan Olivier With 5 to 57. Olivier finished with eight wickets per game. Leader Bowler 12.30 on average in 20 watts.

  • The Warriors came third in the log after them. He won a 130-run race in the Northwest In the Potchefstroom. It took half a century for Edward Moore, Lessiba Ngope and Diego Rozier to take the Warriors to the First Inning 334. Northwest took the lead with 350 points, especially thanks to Wesley Marshall 94. Matthew Breteske152 and Rudy II‘s 103 * allowed them to declare 342 for 2 and win North West 349. Divided into 218.

  • Despite the victory, the warriors were unable to overtake the second-placed cavalry After engaging with dolphins In a weather-damaged match in Durban. The Cavaliers defeated their hosts by 226 and announced that the first inning closed at 397 to 4. Matthew Cleinvelt They contributed 177 but in 171 races they did not force the result. By the end of the fourth day, the dolphins’ second inning was 174 to 5.

Part Two

  • Sean Whitehead She became the fourth South African. All 10 wickets in one innings Southwest won 120 races against the East. Whitedit’s fitness came in fourth innings, with the East facing 186 runs. Say goodbye to 65. White went 15th in the game and is now third-placed overall on the bowling alley. Leus du Plooy91 and 85 * made the game the highest scorer.

  • Division leads the two-point standings with Qua-Zulu-Natal Inland. Seven-Wicket won by Border. Thomas Caber‘s 103 * Border post 384 Helps First Inch their KZN Inland matches correctly. Tshepang Dithole He scored 162 and took 5 to 109. Luke Schlermer‘s 6 for 31 Border bid farewell to 106 in the second inning and KZN Inland won by just 3 wickets.

  • In Poloquane, Limpopo and Northern Cape Played a draw. Although the results seem horribly close. The Northern Cape was ready to win the game 126, finishing with a score of 121-7. Aubrey Swanepol Unbeaten at the end of 44. Earlier, North Cape had a margin of 290 points in Limpopo, while Swanepol had a 7-56. Rivaldo Munsimi” 101. Limpopo were sent off in the second round for 185, giving North Cape a chance to win but they could not close the game.