The Toms River man who was killed in a single car accident was remembered by his friends and family as a hero, a passionate fitness fan and a tree lover.

Kishon Richard, a 28-year-old personal trainer and arbitrator, was inspired by his commitment to health. Like the mortal book.

A GoFundMe page was created for Richards, who died in an accident earlier this month.

Justin Butler, who Organizes GoFundMe campaign “Kishon Richard was a kind man who touched all the lives he faced. He overcame everyone with a smile, despite the many obstacles he faced,” he wrote.

Kishon was killed His pickup truck on November 6th He fell into a bush in Jackson City.

Born in August 15, 1993 by Roseau Dominica with Oliver Emmanuel and Vernon Richard.

His mortal book describes him as “a fool, a very intelligent and philosophical man with a beautiful and memorable personality.”

“There were so many things that he could see with his eyes, from the famous personalized LowL1fe.

“He loved to inspire others through his struggles and accomplishments, all with the sole purpose of making his mother proud.”

Kishon was also known as a “fitness fan.” One day Jim wanted to get married. He found Kalistenik and fell in love with her and was able to pinch her with four fingers.

The Good Tree Service was an industrious arborist. He was so happy to be on the tree with Steel Chainsaw.

Survived by his mother, Mrs. Emmanuel. His father, Vernon Richards; Stepfather Kenny Romain; Grandfather Oliver Emmanuel; Sisters Sister Kaydela Fuller, Jamie Tussaint, Jenell Roman and Verlin Richards; His brother, Nerere Richards; Son-in-law Henry Justin Fuller; And his lifelong friend Justin Butler.

“We are asking for donations to give Kishon a chance to inspire others in fitness and mental health,” says the GoFundMe page. “Let’s continue to build on the heritage of Kishon.”

Nearly $ 4,700 was raised Wednesday afternoon.

B GoFundMe campaign, click here.

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