• Sunny Andrews is a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast and full-time doctor.
  • She talked to an insider about how she had built Abyssinia.
  • Andrews supports leg cramps, but controlling your diet is also key.

Bodybuilder, Physiotherapist and full-time surgeon Sony Andrews, real name Dr. Sonya Andrews, knows a thing or two about getting BS.

The world champion physics competitor told Inside that she swears by a few key exercises and dietary rules to build the sculpted mid-pack in a shocking six-pack.

Andrews’ favorite exercise is leg lifts, but she says that all the exercises in the world will not cause you stomach cramps if your diet is not controlled.

Raising hanging legs is Andrews’ favorite father’s exercise.

Andrews’ favorite dad’s exercise is to hang on to the legs.

“It certainly involves your lower back constipation, and you may be involved in some of your perversions,” Andrew said.

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To build and create size in every muscle of the abdomen, Andreas favors Rope Crunch (Using a cable machine) and Bench Crank, Both lean (to bend your body at the top of the bench) and lower (lifting the legs off the chair high).

“I never wanted to increase my waist, I just wanted to make more sense,” Andrew said.

She trains her abdomen five times a week to achieve her sculpted umbilical cord, often at the end of each workout in supercats (several exercises before rest and repetition).

Leaning on diet is key

If you do not tilt your abdomen properly when training your abdomen, you will not see the muscles, depending on Andrews’ experience as a bodybuilder.

“70% is nutrition.”

She often eats oatmeal for breakfast and then enjoys sweet potatoes or rice with chicken breast or fish.

Andrews competes in bodybuilding.

Andrews competes in bodybuilding shows around her work.

Sunny Andrews

Andrews, who works as a surgeon, uses a sheet of paper similar to a rock.

“If you have a thin sheet, it means you don’t have a lot of fat and you have a little stone because you don’t do it and you get a little stomach ache,” she said. “But if you have a thin sheet, you have a big rock, because you always do your constipation, obviously they will appear more.”

But if you have a fat cat, it doesn’t matter if it’s a pebble or a big rock because it hides, says Andrews.

Here is her advice. Focus on eating in a low-calorie diet To protect your muscles.