Talahase, Fla., November 17, 2021 (PRNewswire) – When the federal verification process begins for the FCC Acting Chair, they represent two non-profit groups Florida Consumers, taxpayers and businesses are calling. America The Senate Chamber of Commerce will hold its interim chairman. Jessica Roszenworld Congressional-sponsored Emergency Broadband Benefits Program is responsible for unacceptable delays. That many months of delay prevented rural broadband from reaching millions of eligible Americans at the time of the outbreak.

The committee is conducting hearings to confirm Rosenworcel as head of the FCC. That disagrees with the Florida State Chamber of Commerce or the Florida Alliance for Consumers and Taxpayers.

“As rural Florida – and Americans – need broadband access as soon as possible, Acting Chairman Rosenworcel has listened to the strong and unique needs of the telecom industry and has delayed the implementation of the crucial federal program,” he said. Julio Fintes, President of the Hispanic Chamber of Florida. “Many of these people have been denied access on time. It is unlikely that this program will be delayed by a large telecom order.”

The program in question is the Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) program, which offers discounts to eligible families up to a discount. $ 50 Monthly to broadband service. According to a recent study, 42 million Americans do not have broadband Internet access.

The EBC program would be useful for both rural and non-rural markets, Fact Director said. Jim Messer: “How many tele health appointments are missing? How many schools have not been dropped? How many workers or unemployed people are more anxious?”

“This decision to delay the implementation of the EBC program for several months calls into question the ability of Acting Chairperson Rosenworcel FCCC to manage the public interest properly,” Messer said. “Why is it delayed? Why did the superpowers win over special interests? Americans deserve answers to these and other questions.”

Both FACT and the Florida State Hispanic Chamber are urging the Senate Trade Committee to at least ask Rosenworcel about these delays. “Perhaps her candidate’s delay could be an effective way of informing how much the delay in the implementation of the EBC has hurt those most in need of broadband assistance,” Messrs said.

Fuentes added: “Hispanic voters want to know that their interests are represented in all areas of government. At the moment, it is difficult to see how things are going in the FCC.”

Source: Florida Alliance for Consumers and Taxpayers; Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce