Board members of the photo collection Black Women Player. Image source die courtesy of Adidas courtesy

Iman Dorsey And Ifeoma OnumonuFrom the National Women’s Football League (NWSL) Gotham FC, they both believe in supernatural powers – seeing is believing. Onumonu recalls a time when a young girl in college announced that she was a favorite soccer player. “She was a young black woman,” Onumonu told POPSUGAR. “Looking back, I don’t think that’s why representation is so important. She’s watching.[ed] To me, yes, because I am black, but I think for her, this could mean more, she could see someone like her or see herself, when she was playing this sport at a high level.

Dorsey says she has no role model for many black women who grew up in soccer. But when I was a kid, I used to think of going to professional games or even college games, and I used to see a black player on the field, and I felt very encouraged and excited. “And even in the media I watched as a kid … black representation or black women don’t appear on the screen, and that kind of goes into your head.”

NWSL did not respond to POPSUGAR requests to confirm the total number of black players on this roster – the season ends on Saturday, November 20 with the end of the NWSL – but there are currently 44 members in the Black Women’s Player of the Year (BWPC), including seven on the roster. In the summer of 2019, they were. Only 32 black players listed in the NWSL list.

Dorsey and Onomonu are both members of the BWPC Board, which he did Organized statement for the first time in August 2020. The association announced New website In mid-October this year, With logo This WW tends to look like ODE for the “ladies” side by side – the ability to grow up. Onumonu noted that this represents the BWPC’s mission to raise black women and girls. And Dorsey said, “We know that casting our vote as a group will give the children on the board, especially the young black girls, a different perspective on what is going on and what their future holds.”

Of The Women’s Sports Foundation reports “The rate of black girls in urban and rural centers is twice as high as white girls in suburbs.” To address this, BWPC is working with Adidas, Black Players for Change, Musco Lighting and the US Soccer Foundation. 12 Mini-Peach Most black communities by 2022. Adidas is working with BWPC to create football clinics for young girls. BWPC shared photos from recent clinics. Louisville, KY and Atlanta. A total of 40 girls were present, according to an Adidas spokesman Atlanta Clinic October 23rdAnd from local club coaches, Inter Atlanta FCFour BWPC members – Mandy Freeman, Jennifer Kujo, Domi Richardson and Jasmine Spencer – served as assistant coaches.

“We know that having a common voice there will give the children on the board, especially young black girls, a different perspective on what is there and what their future holds.”

According to Onomonu, these girls have the opportunity to meet with professionals through the clinics and find out if they may or may not have experienced the game. “And I think the biggest thing we want to do in these clinics and these Small-pegs It is fair. [give] More access to the game and [give] Build more community access to players in the game and build community around the fields. Because it’s more than just football. ”

One of the obvious reasons for the drop-out rates for black American players is the financial cost – Yahoo! SportsIn his article, Henry Buschell explains how football is geographically and economically unattainable in the US.Why the World Game of Thrones is a white game in the USDorsey added that the culture is not as universal or hospitable as one might expect. She grew up in a predominantly white and affluent area of ​​Central Maryland and said, “When I look back on my own experience, my family is very active. And from that point on, my sports or friends at school were good enough. “

However, being in the minority soccer, Dorsey said, “When you feel something special in your experience as a black person and no one talks about it or does not contact you.” Another reason why black girls think they are quitting the sport is this cultural issue in football. Dorsey says she is lucky to have had so many black players in her team – and it’s hard to put into words how special this is for her. In the past, she felt that she had to protect herself as a black woman. She was too weak to “agree.”

Explains Dorsey, “The work we do with the Black Women players and the team work is very important because we, as black women, take ownership of our identities and experiences and move that forward. Encourage the rest of the football community to realize that and to value it as much as we do.

Individually, Onomonu said she had previously felt “flexible” with other black players and was often referred to as “athletic and fast”. “I mean, you don’t feel like an individual,” she said. “You really don’t feel like a whole player, and that can be a big obstacle.” Although Onomonu believes she has overcome that obstacle, she knows that she is not alone. “It’s important to show that we are unique, that we all bring different aspects to the game, that we all have different experiences,” she said.

The first BWPC clinic was held at Smith Primary in Atlanta, GA, Saturday, October 23rd.

Photo Dead BWPC Clinic was held on Saturday, October 23 in Atlanta, Smith. Image source: By the grace of DD Harassich

The 2021 NWSL season comes to an end on the first weekend in October following the dismissal of North Carolina Coach Paul Riley Verbal and sexual abuse of former players at first Published by Athletics. Teams, including Gotham FC On October 6, they gathered at the six-minute mark Awareness of how long it took to hear and cooperate with the victimsSix years). The allegations against Riley have sparked a major debate over the pattern. NWSL looking at player threatsAnd Dorsey is proud of being involved in this collaborative effort at the time.

“It’s important to show that we are not one person. We all bring different aspects to the game. We all have different experiences.”

“They work very hard to be the best athletes they can be, so the recent attack on players and the lack of player protection have made them feel very clear, weak,” Dorsey said. “At the very least, the health and safety of the players should be a priority for the league. So, as players, we take action both on and off the field and I remember that this work has just begun.

“To protect NWSL athletes, there must be a high level of responsibility, but first and foremost, we need to listen to league players and prioritize their concerns,” Dorsey said. She quotes. The NWSL Players Association demands the release of eight Response AthleticsThe story of Riley, stating that she believed in these interests, that the NWSL officially agreed at the end of October.They are the beginning of the defense of the players. But I think any athlete needs extra attention to protect his athleticism, white or straight athlete. Clubs need to research the people they hire to keep players safe.