November 3 — High school students in Icon have the opportunity to challenge themselves on Wednesday to complete a naval fitness test.

The Icon High School Naval Fitness Test at the school’s football field ended with teams from Icon and South Icon High School students. There were also some staff members who were entertained.

Each team, made up of six members, ran one race around the track. After each team finished the round, the test shifted to the soccer field.

Starting from the other side, each team member ran to the set of cones, running left, right, and left, across the field. After the race, another member of the team was waiting. The runner picked up his companion and crossed the field.

The bearer then picked up two cans of ammo and ran to the field to make a push-up. The process was resumed until each group passed all its members.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Navy, said Dr. Jason Holt, Icon’s Senior Vice President, and served two purposes.

“One is the Navy’s partnership with the local community and what they do to support children and other people, and secondly, to get children out of here and back to normal and to help children connect with other adults.” Holt said.

Ikon County Board of Education Superintendent King Lawrence said it was important for students to attend the event and get a chance to connect with those who serve our country.

“As we approach Patriot Day, we want to remember those sacrifices that made their way to life,” Lauren said. “This will allow our students to see it, it will be a great opportunity for our students to participate and be part of something bigger than themselves.”

After the event, prizes were awarded to the winning teams. Many students and teachers seem to be very weak, which is to be expected even after passing a high fitness test.

Andrew Maxkill, who helped organize the event, said he wanted to see it as an annual event. A similar test was conducted in 2019.

“This is an opportunity for naval employers to meet with children. It’s really an opportunity for us to push for some exercise and then have some friendly competition,” Maxx said.