Bonnie Adcox (center) and her children, Sarah and Joseph, provided the SAU with 12 practice stations to be installed on the sidewalk in memory of Jay Adcox.

The Magnolia community as well as South Arkansas University students and visitors can now enjoy the new outdoor fitness equipment on the SAU trail. Twelve fitness centers were donated to Jay Adcox by his wife Bonnie Adcox and their children Joseph and Sarah Adcox. Coach Adcox spent 36 years teaching health, kinesiology and recreation (HKR) and coaching college football.

“I have seen many people using the trail. It’s a treasure trove for the university and the community, ”said Bonnie Adcox. “We thought about what he wanted to see on campus to celebrate Jane’s memory and we decided that this could be something the community could use as people get more exercise.”

“I’m really excited to have this new outdoor fitness device that can be used not only by our SAU students, faculty and staff, but also by our Magnolia community,” said Sarah Adcox, director of the Mullerder Activity Center. “I think it would be a great addition to our healthy, active lifestyle. My father is 10 years old. I missed his knowledge and his presence on campus and how much he loved SAU. This tool is a great way to remember him and how much he cares for us and our family, but how much he has thought about the countless lives he has spent over the years. ”

Jay wanted to teach hundreds of healthy life experiences to hundreds of students. During his 25 years at SAU (1986-2011), he served as assistant football coach, defense coordinator, chairman of the HKR division and director of athletics. Coach “A” was a favorite on the SAU campus. He passed away in 2011.

“Jay was the first coach,” said Bonnie. “He loved athletics and believed in HKR. He went on a farm without feeling good.” Out of love for the road, the Adcox family chose to honor his memory by putting exercise equipment on the road for the public good.

“There are different machines,” Bonnie said. Travelers can stop at one of the 12 stations for exercise.

Customers can scan the QR code on each machine to get a video showing how to use each device properly. There are also dog stations where walkers can “cut” their four-legged partners while having fun with the machines. The device is frequently monitored and cleaned by SAU.

“Good and clean and fun for the community,” Bonnie said.

Jay Adcox of Snoqualmie, Wash. He is a native and has been married to Bonnie for over 37 years. At the time of his death, he was 34 years old in higher education and athletics. He was involved in planning and moving to the Katherine Brown HKR Complex and helping them lead the HKR Department of Applied Science and Athletics Training in new academic degree programs. SAU has contributed to the renovation and improvement of all athletics facilities in SAU, including the construction of the first on-campus women’s soccer field, the expansion and upgrading of the Walker Stadium baseball complex.