A.D. In 2017, I quit my full-time consulting position with Fortune 500, where I received an annual salary of about $ 40,000. At 23 years old and after graduating from college, I had no plans to retire – but I knew in the corporate world that I was not happy and that I needed to change.

Fortunately, I saved enough money to buy some time to learn how to turn my passion for health, fitness and writing into a lucrative career. When I returned to school, I earned a master’s degree in nutrition and a certificate in personal training.

A year later, I noticed that the “unknown” fitness influencers in the world were growing. I found it fun, so I created an Instagram account and posted fitness-related photos along with diet and exercise tips.

Six months later, the number of followers increased to 10,000.

One day I arrived at a famous boxing gym. They found my Instagram captions and asked me if I could write a few 500 word blog posts for boxers on how to improve their performance. The fee was $ 25 per post.

I ended up enjoying the process, so I decided to promote my services in liberation forums such as Health and Fitness Secretary. Fever. After all, I lived at home and could use the money.

Within a few weeks, fitness makers, gyms, athletes, and health brands began to hire me. I have expanded my services to write Instagram captions, copy and sell fitness plans. By the end of 2019, I had made $ 10,000 a month, earning less than $ 100 a month.

It was one of the decisions I made to quit my job as a full-time freelance writer. Success has allowed me to rediscover what it means and to live my life in a way that pleases me.

Here is my best advice on how to grow your wealth as a freelancer.

1. Make yourself stand out

Unlike many liberators, I had more than just my sample work portfolio.

What sets me apart from my competitors is that I have a steady engagement on Instagram and a large following. I have demonstrated the effectiveness of my work by sharing access and engagement metrics on social media platforms.

And while I am getting more and more clients every month, I have shown time, thought and care on each project. I make sure my text fits every client’s voice, style and tone.

2. Introduce yourself in the video

According to Fiverr, freelancers include Descriptive videos get 220% more gigs in their profile Than not.

In the explanatory video you can talk about your products and services or topics related to your industry. It also gives you the opportunity to sort out difficult and confusing issues.

You do not need to hire a video editor but it is important to check this

  • Your video is short, informative and direct.
  • The sound quality is clear
  • The light is clear (daylight is preferred)
  • Background is useful and / or not distracting.
  • They talk about your service, your upbringing and your qualifications

Finally, do not be afraid to show some personality and jokes! This is a great way to help potential customers connect and feel comfortable working with you.

3. Low cost – first

If you are new and are paying a high price but have no customer reviews, do not expect to get much business.

When I started on Firever, I paid $ 10 for 250 word captions, $ 25 for 500-word blog posts, and $ 55 for 1,000 words. These prices were much lower than those of others with similar experience.

But my goal at the time was not to make a lot of money fast. Instead, I wanted to attract new customers at a better price. Many customers soon came up with more customer reviews, which is crucial to maintaining a strong reputation.

Once I got good 5-star reviews and returns, I increased my rates by about 50% according to customer needs and scope of work.

4. Continue to build your credentials

5. Always be professional and respectful