Monthly packageTina Makuha has the package of the month! See what delicious cake she has for you!

Thanksgiving fitness test with Melissa!Get into the holiday spirit with a new fitness test! Life coach Melissa Osulivan Castillo joined Cody to tell us how we can help others and help yourself this Thanksgiving Day!

Opportunity House Thrift New Location!Opportunity House Thrift has a new location in Fairfield, so many discounts need to be made! Lori Wallace is checking in there!

Opportunity House Thrift StoreLori Wallace is in Fairfield at the Opportunity House Thrift Store. See what offers are available to you when you go to a bigger issue.

Local author’s new book!A new children’s book is bringing a sense of harvest! Author Janay Brown-Wood discusses “Amhara Farm!”

Hair tips with Mi HeltonMi Helton joins Courtney from It’s My Hair to answer viewers’ questions about hair care!

Fundraising for Sweet Support in RipponHave a delicious meal in Ripon today with great intentions! Wendy from Nothing Bundt Cakes and Kevin Join Tina to tell us what will happen today!

Hair field tripWe’re with Mi Helton from It’s My Hair Salon and she has hair care tips! See what you can do to calm your hair in this fog!

Teen Tone – 11/15Tina is here for Monday’s Teen Music! Today’s category … Variety … either Hodge-Pog, or Distortion, if you will. Play with us, and of course, stay tuned for John Interpreter!

Show and tellSpectator Larry sent us a letter from Lincoln (not an email) asking us to have a sudden “Larry Tunis” wherever he wanted 50’s music! Go Larry!

WalletBe – Homemade walletsKeep your cards and cash in a practical and fashionable wallet and it won’t take up much space! Jim Dimatris has joined Cody to tell us what they offer with WalletBe and how to get a discount!

Pedestrian Wine FestivalJuliisa Ortiz is in Falsum at the Fotilil Wine Festival! Go to this festival and see what you can practice!

Helping needy childrenWe talk to the Children’s Crisis Center about helping children with safe accommodation in times of need. See what the Crisis Center does to help children.

Dad’s joke of the dayCheck out today’s dad’s joke

Sing to me!Do you like Ne-Yo? And do you know this song? “Sing to me!” But better yet, producer hunter ne-yo song shows us the lyrics!

Kaiser reached an agreement with the Pharmacist Union, and Monday’s strike was called offKaiser Permante offices will resume operations on Monday after reaching an agreement to end the strike.

Good day big shave moreThey know they want more.

Good day big shaveNo one knows why, but Tina and Ashley decided to shave Jordan’s knees. Now you can watch as many times as you want!

DOCO Corn pit competitionBe prepared to compete for a reason because the DOCO corn competition is declining today!

Lincoln Crafts MarketThis local market is creating space for local manufacturers to show and sell their work.

Jordan hairless knee previewAccording to producer Bry, Jordan’s hairless knee may look like a hairless molecule mouse. And now you know what a hairless mouse looks like.

Breakfast Blub – Tacos, 8amSweet !!!

Jam Baby ShopMolly Riehl will stop at the Jam Baby Store to show off some Christmas shopping ideas for the little ones!

Don Koki Portorika Food, Part 2Big Al brings us more than Don Koki!