Tempo’s Move Fitness System Reduces Mass Exercise With iPhone Help It certainly makes home gym more affordable, but at what cost?

Take Tempo’s new home Fitness Configuration uses an iPhone camera to convert large, space-hungry gym equipment to a portable and affordable package. While it may help save time, time, and money for indoor sports enthusiasts, its implementation may not be for everyone. Healthy wearers are becoming more and more popular. Less than ever, And Tempo is looking for something similar, but instead of very large personal gym equipment.

Last year, Fitness Technology launched the full-size fitness mirror, known as Tempo Studio. Includes Intel i5 processor, motion sensor camera, aluminum frame and 60-watt speakers with a massive 42-inch touch screen and more. However, the larger size, not to mention the $ 2,495 price tag, may be a little practical for some, especially with the now more accessible smart gym equipment. It is becoming more and more widespread..

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Here is the place Take your time It comes with an all-in-one fitness system no bigger than a file cabinet. Instead of the built-in screen, the Tempo Move monitors the activity for real-time positioning with an HDMI display and iPhone TrueDepth camera to display information. In addition to being a reduced version of the Tempo Studio, it also holds most of its core functions, including weight and fitness carpet storage, two dumbbells and extra smart weights. Tempo Move starts at a low price of $ 395 monthly membership.

Tempo Move: A better fitness mirror option?

Tempo Move display sample

Considering the extent of fitness technology based on subscriptions Accessibility and affordability, Tempo It is natural to follow the same thing. Tempo Move’s reduced physical footprint and modular approach certainly meet those with smaller homes. At the same time, it attracts consumers who refuse to pay thousands of dollars for a full-fledged, low-cost fitness mirror. It not only reduces the clutter of gym equipment, but also provides a fully interactive home fitness treatment with the help of what users can have in their living room.

But looking for an external display or TV and a built-in iPhone during the entire session can be an added challenge, especially if users plan to use it alone during a workout session. Lack of built-in speakers means connecting an external audio system to a TV with a weak speaker. Tempo Move also does not host Android users and only supports iPhone models prior to the iPhone XR. In any case, it is still a good idea to look at fitness options that do the same thing at a lower cost. Maybe it would be better if Tempo took out a page from Peloton’s book to do more exercise Fun and engaging next time.

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