Jazzercise, a full-body fitness program, is back in Maple Grove. Co-owners Miss Cluster and Ned Marberger have renovated and reopened a station in the city.

Since 1989, Jazzersis has been part of the Maple Grove community. During this time there were many different places and different owners. Closter and Marberger learned that the former owner would be closing Maple Grove in April. They reopened in May, but they soon began to improve. Construction was completed in September.

Marberger first met Jazersiz 40 years ago with his sister. He has been a teacher for the past 25 years.

Closter first became a client 16 years ago and has been a teacher for the past 12 years.

Closter and Marberger were able to keep Jazeris in the city because of working with his ex-husband. “As teachers of the former owner, we know that the lease will not be renewed in April and the business will not be closed,” he said. “We love the Jazeris community.”

He has taught communities around Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park and St. Michael for years, and both have deep relationships with many of their clients.

Not only do we serve them, but we also know that most of the NW Twin Cities Metro Jazziness is an option, we don’t know how we continue to change and how our program has changed to become one. “There is a marbleger. It looks like an incomplete market and we are very excited to be here,” said fitness leaders.

Closter and Marberger took some time to open the new Maple Grove site.

“We put a lot of blood, sweat and yes, a few tears into this project,” Closter said. “But it takes courage and haste. From talking to former customers, negotiating lease arrangements, working with Jazzersis Incorporated. There was so much to swim in. “

They share most of their success with their 14 co-teachers. According to Closter and Marberger, these educators “teach amazing and inspiring lessons and many of them spend countless extra hours creating strategies, ideas, communication and often physical and handicrafts to bring this business and our vision to life.

It also took some time for the new owners to rebuild their customer base and focus on online and social media segments.

The Maple Grove area offers 22 rooms per week. These sections are a mix of Strength, HIIT, DanceMixx, Strike and lo formats. Classes include weights, bands, kickboxes, pilates, and core functions. 75% of the episodes are available in person and live stream, while the rest are broadcast live on a private network.

What can one expect in the first place? Friendly and encouraging teachers and clients like Closter and Marberger.

“We would like to tell new customers to keep coming for two weeks,” he said. “As you get involved in activities and sports, you find yourself pushing your body, but you may not feel like you are having a lot of fun. Wear comfortable and comfortable clothing or your favorite exercise equipment. Bring a towel and / or carpet if you have one, but it is not necessary because we have carpets and equipment.

The newly renovated site is located on Lancaster Lane at 10192.

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